July 2013

The Square Pub is along what I call the Decatur “Wall of Restaurants”, a row of eateries just south of the Marta Station near Church Street. It’s a pretty pub with a good beer selection, and an emphasis on the use of (New Mexican) green chiles. You can find them in quesos, on burgers, and in enchiladas.

Turkey Burger with side.

Turkey Burger with side.

green chile chicken enchiladas.

green chile chicken enchiladas.

It is an easy place to get into, with plenty of casual pub fare. In the couple times I’ve dropped by here, staff have been really good. Since many of the highly regarded pubs in this area have lines out the door, being able to stretch a little and talk to a neighbor in less than a shout might appeal.

The Square Pub
115 Sycamore Street
Decatur, GA 30030
(404) 844-4010

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The neatest thing about a Victory sandwich is its size. They’re perhaps 3 to 4 inches around, small, perhaps two being a typical lunch portion for a male. One would be fine for someone watching their weight, or in general, a perfect starter for someone going out to a party or dancing. And that’s what I see about Victory that fits. You have a date, you need something, but not too much of anything. A drink might help too. In those circumstances, Victory Sandwich Bar would be perfect.


Castro sandwich  on the left, Hambo on the right.

Castro sandwich on the left, Hambo on the right.

The bar itself is on Church Street, maybe half a block or so south of the Row of Restaurants in Decatur, the spots that parallel the MARTA station. It’s more bar with some food than a gastronomically focused spot.

Of the nine sandwiches available that day, we tried the Castro (smoked pork and ham) and the Hambo (prosciutto and mozzarella) sandwiches. We liked both, but of the two we liked the Castro best. There was just more meat in the Castro, and in a small sandwich, that matters.

Victory Sandwich Bar
340 Church St.
Decatur, GA 30030
(404) 377-9300

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This place had come as a recommendation of an Indian friend of a work colleague, and so one weekday I waited for my party to show so we could try the place. It is one of a few eateries in a modest strip mall on Johnson Ferry Road, close to where Ashford Dunwoody merges into this road. It’s also not all that far from Peachtree Industrial as well, so either major road can be used to get to this eatery.


The mall itself hosts a number of small eateries, none I recall being reviewed. So this whole area is gold for a food blogger.

good naan.

good naan.

lamb curry, lunch serving.

lamb curry, lunch serving.

This place is favored as a lunch spot by my coworkers in Dunwoody, and in that role, I think it’s more than adequate. The vindaloo one of us ate was regarded as pretty mild – note that vindaloos shouldn’t be mild, they should be able to raise sweat on your brow, but staff were affable, and the foods were otherwise quite good. I had a lamb curry that day and I enjoyed my dish. Other than vindaloo, my partners had samosas that day and tandoori chicken and enjoyed them.

I will note that my party had one ethnic South Asian (who was the one who wanted more heat in the vindaloo), and the other had no ability to handle hot and spicy foods. So if you have a party with varying tolerances for heat, this might be a good choice as well.

Moon Indian Cuisine
2144 Johnson Ferry Road
Atlanta, GA 30319
(770) 817-1097

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Sawicki’s is in a modest location on Ponce de Leon, near a Taco Mac, and gives little indication that this is one of the more highly regarded sandwich shops in the city. The focus of the shop is on fresh ingredients, and in their better offerings, plenty of them.


We ordered a roast beef sandwich, a roasted lamb, a veggie sandwich, and a mediterranean salad. The salad was probably overkill.


The roast beef sandwich was a fistful of meat in between bread.

veggie sandwich.

veggie sandwich.

Mediterranean salad. The veggie sandwich and the mediterranean share many of the same ingredients.

Mediterranean salad. The veggie sandwich and the mediterranean share many of the same ingredients.

Roasted lamb. Not as enormous as the other two, but plenty  tasty.

Roasted lamb. Not as enormous as the other two, but plenty tasty.

There is no magic in these sandwiches. It starts and ends with fresh, high quality ingredients. Prices are entirely reasonable, most sandwiches under 9 dollars.

For the folks too new at the blogging game to remember, back in the day Foodie Buddha had a sandwich tour, much as Jimmy once had a pizza tour. Sawicki’s was one of the highest ranked sandwich shops on his tour. In the four years since the tour, the quality hasn’t changed.

250 West Ponce De Leon
Decatur, GA 30030
(404) 377-0992

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Buffets are among the toughest things to critique, and even when you get it right, the character of buffets is prone to change quickly. That great little find in January turns into the mediocre deal in May and turns into “g’bye-see ya!” in October. If a food blogger says a buffet is good, you need to get there soon.


Chloe recently raised the “it’s good!” flag on Moksha Kitchen and I thought it was appropriate to try it. We came at lunch during the week and some first impressions are: small, clean, unusually tasty, and unusually easy to eat from, even if you’re not a fan of milk and butter. My wife loves things like tandoori chicken and breads. She doesn’t handle foods with lots of milk, yogurt, butter, or cheese well, with a few notable exceptions (e.g. she loves certain kinds of dal makhani, but it has to be spiced just so).




This was a buffet that could feed my whole family. The breads are good. The foods are well spiced. There is plenty of naan. They had a smoky tandoori chicken the day we showed, just excellent. The goat jalfrezi, the masalas, the mix pakora (a collection of breaded vegetables), the chickpea dishes, were hits at our table. They had a breaded pepper that was just spicy enough. The restaurant is clean and neat, the service is excellent.

So, go now. Eat. Do it before the demands of providing a superior buffet wear on this restaurant and it goes away.

Moksha Kitchen
294 Peachtree Industrial Blvd
Duluth, GA 30096
(678) 473-9288

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