The neatest thing about a Victory sandwich is its size. They’re perhaps 3 to 4 inches around, small, perhaps two being a typical lunch portion for a male. One would be fine for someone watching their weight, or in general, a perfect starter for someone going out to a party or dancing. And that’s what I see about Victory that fits. You have a date, you need something, but not too much of anything. A drink might help too. In those circumstances, Victory Sandwich Bar would be perfect.


Castro sandwich  on the left, Hambo on the right.

Castro sandwich on the left, Hambo on the right.

The bar itself is on Church Street, maybe half a block or so south of the Row of Restaurants in Decatur, the spots that parallel the MARTA station. It’s more bar with some food than a gastronomically focused spot.

Of the nine sandwiches available that day, we tried the Castro (smoked pork and ham) and the Hambo (prosciutto and mozzarella) sandwiches. We liked both, but of the two we liked the Castro best. There was just more meat in the Castro, and in a small sandwich, that matters.

Victory Sandwich Bar
340 Church St.
Decatur, GA 30030
(404) 377-9300

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