Along Pleasant Hill Road, east of I-85 and before Ronald Reagan, there is a spot where the road turns residential and you see almost nothing but trees and houses until you get to a gas station. Just prior to the gas station is a strip mall. Because the mall on the main drag from Snellville to Greater Atlanta (Northeast), I tend to co opt that little mall. It’s a nice place to stop for lunch, if you have the time and means to do so.

Sabor Inka has been a work  in progress there for some months. I tried walking  in 2-3 months ago and stopped when I saw the construction through the window. The construction has stopped, and from the chrysalis a restaurant has emerged. Further, it’s a pretty intriguing place. Their card, for example, speaks of their cuisine as Comida Criolla y Mariscos, translated immediately below as Creole Food and Seafood. This just begs the question, “Just what is Peruvian Creole cuisine?” For the historical question, there are good hints on this site (search it for “Creoles”), but for now, I’m just going to taste test.

Sabor Inka, to note, is clearly aiming at a middle class audience. The space is larger than it appears from the outside, and they are set up to handle music for live musicians, or perhaps parties. There is a good looking bar towards the back. Up front, a small bakery cabinet remains. The Internet often refers to the place as Sabor Inka Bakery. Perhaps there was an older baked good incarnation of this eatery.

Entrees run into the 10 to 14 dollar range. At lunch they offer $9.00 lunch specials, ones with plenty of fish options. They were also heavy on starches, so to try to avoid the starches, I ordered the poached fish special, or “Sudado de Pescado”. It came with “Sopa” or soup.  The soup is heavy with noodles, but had enough meat and broth to be useful to me. It tasted good too, a bit like Mom’s home made chicken noodle (though the meat was dark meat, clearly).

I’ve eaten Peruvian before, at Mambo’s, so I was hoping for spicier food than the Cuban Mambo’s more often serves. I wasn’t disappointed. Though the fish was largely flavored by  the tomato based sauce, there was a hint of spice, which could be kicked up by their good green hot sauce. I enjoyed the dish.

I came back later, for dinner here. They had mussels (very nice) and a spicy shrimp dish (ordinary). It wasn’t as impressive a meal as the first I had here. So my experience collectively has been hit or miss. Some conversation with my waitress notes that they’re going to try ands serve “highlands” Peruvian on Sundays.

In summary, Sabor  Inka is a neat place to try. There is nothing like it in the area. For those seeking a very different food experience, this is a worthwhile place to eat.
Sabor Inka
960 Pleasant Hill Road, Suite E
Lawrenceville, GA 30044
(770) 564-9136

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