The name of the blog is “Food Near Snellville”.

Snellville, Georgia is a town of about 20,000 on the northeast side of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. If you were to draw a line between Atlanta, Georgia, and Athens, Georgia (home of the University of Georgia), then Snellville would fall about 40% of the way from Atlanta to Athens. It is a nice, quiet, but rapidly growing community. The schools in the area are exceptional.

As for me, I’m 53, a Unix systems administrator, was educated here, here and here, and I’ve had a fascination with food since childhood. So this blog will be about cooking, where to eat and where to shop around Snellville, with an occasional foray into gardening and food history. It’s hard, however, to do tech jobs and keep the hours I do and also cook. Consequently, I claim no mastery of anything, just a deep and enduring fascination with food.

Reviewing Style

I am in agreement with Chloe Morris on single visit reviews. I make no money from this and I pay for my own meals. If you own/manage/cook/serve (for) a restaurant, you get one chance with me.

I’m not the kind of person, however, who walks into a restaurant and then does bad reviews. If I don’t like your restaurant, in general I won’t give it space on these pages. If I like what I see and eat (in varying degrees), I’ll write about it. I don’t mind mixed reviews. I may like a lot of what you do and critique what I don’t like. That said, some restaurant experiences are bad enough I will comment on them. At present I’d say I’ve done perhaps one or two bad reviews, in over 750 posts.


I didn’t start this blog to have any focus on dieting methods, but as of February, 2010, I’ve been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. This means I must manage my diet. Everyone I’ve been speaking to uses the exchange diet when dealing with this disease. Please understand that the intelligent diabetic doesn’t ever feast. They eat like rabbits, with many small meals during the day.

How does diabetes affect this blog?

To a first approximation, diabetics eat the same foods a normal person does. Portion control, though, is utterly essential to remaining healthy. We have to be extremely careful of sweets, especially high fructose corn syrup. I only eat small amounts of products with a low glycemic index (i.e. agave nectar), or sugars mixed with plenty of fat (high cocoa chocolates). Starches are essential but in carefully measured amounts. Things like hot dogs, hamburgers and sandwiches are very convenient because they have it all in a mostly right sized package. We avoid the three Ws: white sugar, white flour, white rice. We avoid huge meals. We avoid meats and vegetables covered in sweet sauces. Unfortunately, that means most barbecue sauces (brown sugar) and sweet and sour pork are out.

The rigors of this life style mean most diabetics either don’t eat out, or they don’t often talk about it. Diabetics who describe themselves as foodies generally spend most of their time cooking. Therefore, this blog is rather unique: a blog of someone who loves food, who eats out, and who also happens to be diabetic.

One final word: each diabetic is a metabolic snowflake, as unique as can be. Each has foods they can’t tolerate that other diabetics can. Some can’t handle brussels sprouts. Others react poorly to pasta. Some can eat bread, others cannot. Some can’t eat fruits at all, others can with a dab of peanut butter (there is that sugar mixed with fat connection again). I’m saying this because what I eat and tolerate is unique to me. Each diabetic needs to be treated individually, in terms of their diet.

Comments and this blog

This is a more or less civil blog with a focus on food and shopping. Comments whose sole purpose is to focus on something being sold, or “Hey I love this blog” comments that point back to very commercial sites will generally not be allowed. Political commentary will be deleted. Negative comments without critical discussion or explanation will generally be removed. If you want to say something “sucks”, please say why in rational terms or the comment will be deleted.


The contents of this blog are copyrighted (C) 2009-2012 by Food Near Snellville. All rights are reserved. You can republish these words, but only if you credit the author and reference the source of this content. Any crediting of my work must be clear and obvious. Any republication without proper accreditation and content attribution is prohibited.


To contact me, use dwm042 AT email DOT com. Replace things like AT and DOT where appropriate. Given my personal schedule, I can’t read that email routinely. Fair warning.

40 Responses to “About”

  1. After some digging I now know where Snellville is and I can finally say I know somebody in GA who is not on Peachtree Street. I was starting to think that was the only street there and Atlanta the only city.

  2. foodnearsnellville Says:

    If you ever make it out Georgia way, and you’re near Atlanta, try and see Stone Mountain. Fantastic! Also, try to get to the coast and visit Savannah and the surrounding areas (Tybee Island, etc). John Berendt’s “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” captures some of the mystery of Savannah, but you really have to go there to experience it.

    If you’re the hiking/biking/boating/astronomy type, then going north from Atlanta towards Tennessee gets you into beautiful dark sky territory, terrific hiking trails and white water rafting.

    As far as the rest of Georgia goes, there is a fine book by the name of “Best of Georgia Farms: A Cookbook and Tour Book” that could show you elements of modern Georgia I could not. Recommended highly.

    Now the Buckhead District/Peachtree Road area is sophisticated, and often an eyeful, but using it as the epicenter of Georgia is a bit like using the River Oaks district of Houston as the be-all and end-all of what Texas is like.

  3. Emily Papera Says:

    I really enjoy your reviews. My family lives in Lilburn and we see these restaurants and wonder how they are. So I appreciate you taking the time to write your reviews about them for sure. Good luck with the diet and all that the doctor recommends.


  4. Amy Wallas Says:

    Hi there. I enjoy your reviews and just added you to my blog list. Please check out my blog and let me know what you think!

    – Amy

    1. foodnearsnellville Says:


      I’ve read your blog a number of times. I wouldn’t have gone to Penang without your review of it. Just my 0.02, but “Amy on Food” is an important blog in the city. Give me a day or so to write something appropriate for the link and I’ll link to your site off my main page as well.


      1. Amy Wallas Says:

        Thanks for the link and the kind words about my blog. I really enjoy blogging and getting the word out about great places. You must try Top Flr soon!

        – Amy

  5. Leslie Says:

    Thanks for the link! 🙂

    1. foodnearsnellville Says:

      You’re welcome. I really like your new entry graphic as well!


      1. Leslie Says:

        Thanks! It was time for a rebranding.

  6. malika76 Says:

    Hey – Just added you to my Blogroll. I love Canton Cooks but haven’t been in a while, your review makes me want to visit again soon.


    1. foodnearsnellville Says:

      Thanks Malika. Give me a day or three to read over your blog, write up something appropriate and I’ll add you to my own blog list.


  7. Erica Says:

    your reviews are great! Thanks so much! I JUST started my new blog…gonna be a lot about food, I’d love it if you’d check it out! -Erica

  8. Bob Kauten Says:

    How did you get to Snellville, GA? You have a nice blog here. I finally found you. I’m in San Leandro, CA.

    Old Bob Kauten

    1. foodnearsnellville Says:


      I’ll drop you an email on the address you used here. It’s a long story.


  9. A warm thanks.. drop in, sign on, when we get our links and other things running we will gladly include your fine Blog…

    1. foodnearsnellville Says:

      If you check the side bar of this blog, I’ve returned the favor.

      Good luck Mike!


  10. And thanks again.. What a team we are… !!!


  11. Please email me, I have some ideas for both of us…

    1. foodnearsnellville Says:

      I “messaged” on your site. You can reply there now.

  12. Miss Ari B Says:

    Hello FNS, my name is Ariana and I am a food blogger in the making, or at least that’s what I’m aiming for. I have read your blogs and reviews of several restaurants I have tried or will try. I do have a couple of questions though.

  13. guamgwinnett Says:

    Just wondering how your boonie pepper plants are holding up? Ours are shriveled and sad, but I’m pretty sure they’ll bounce back as soon as they get out in the warm sun again. Then it’s time to throw some chaser on the grill and mix together some finadene.

    1. foodnearsnellville Says:

      Because of my foot issues and subsequent lack of watering, they’ve lost all their leaves. My mother once told that’s pretty normal over a winter. Just need to get them out in the sun once the threat of freezing is past. Traditionally, that is the first week of March in greater ATL.


      1. guamgwinnett Says:

        Sorry to hear about the foot issues. Hope the dietary changes have you feeling better soon.

        How long were you on Guam? I was there on and off from 1975-1995. Just thinking that we might know some of the same people (maybe even each other).

        1. foodnearsnellville Says:

          78 to 80. I was a student at UOG at the time, and in 79-80 I taught honors physics and 2 chemistry classes at Father Duenas Memorial High School (while going full time to UOG).

          My father was military and AF so the family lived on Anderson. It’s a small island so I suspect we have some people that we both know.

  14. Sarah Says:

    Would love to know of any places with a semi private dining room thats not too expensive..say 20 a meal?? But overall nice theme for a bday party…not common restaurants.

    1. Sarah,

      Really good question, but one I might not be the best at answering. Many smaller restaurants also cater, and if your party were big enough, you might be able to get the whole restaurant for the night. Places such as Rico’s World Kitchen come to mind.


  15. Marilyn Wolf Says:

    I finally read your comment on Atlanta Etc. It’s nice to know that someone appreciated the joke! -M

  16. Kathryn Hughes Says:

    I found you because Google Analytics said I got a hit on my Examiner article from here. So glad I followed up because I love this blog. I live in Lawrenceville now but lived in Snellville for 10 yrs. and didn’t know about some of the places you blogged on. Will keep you on my blog list!

  17. Doug Edwards Says:

    Ever heard of Atlanta Food Bloggers Alliance? Just google it. Thought you might be interested.


    1. I ran into them through the link on the Constant Gobbler site. I’m not sure it’s the kind of commitment (monthly meetups?) I need at this time in my life.


  18. Hey!

    I just wanted to let you know about a new, sort of exclusive “Atlanta Food Bloggers Society” I’m starting. I’m certainly not the best qualified blogger, but why not? I did not know there is an “Alliance” as I just read above. Anyway, I think we could just have one or two meetings a year. Keep in touch! Becca

  19. Michelle Says:

    I am not sure if you take any recommendations for restaurants, but if you do you should try Always Fresh Neighborhood Market and Restaurant. It is located in the Lilburn/Mountain Park area. (

  20. Will Says:

    Hello there,

    I saw you had a post mentioning the Super H Mart, and I am curious what you have found about their supplier of beef? It looks quality, but the prices make me somewhat skeptical about their source.


  21. Good morning! I am the editor of Snellville Patch. Could you contact me at Want to ask you something.

  22. theflight Says:

    wonderful store.i go almost every weekend to get foriegn (mostly japanese) food

    1. Is this comment in the right place? Is it perhaps intended to be a comment about Tomato?

  23. Pat Kennedy Says:

    This is the type of Blog I’ve been looking for, since I’m new to GA, effective last fall and it’s like living on another planet. Does anyone here know of a PRIME meat market, REAL Italian restaurant and any other REAL higher end QUALITY restaurants in the Lilburn, Snellville, Lawrenceville, Duluth areas???? We found one steak house (Stoney : that only serves steaks and sides, etc. are ala carte, so it’s pricey, but GOOODDD!

    1. Sounds like Patton’s Meat Market in Duluth should be part of your shopping routine on Saturday. They have plenty of choice and prime beef. For fish my wife sticks to the John’s Creek Whole Foods.

      Kurt’s Bistro in John’s Creek is a fine German restaurant, Haru Ichiban is an authentic full service Japanese restaurant, and not a glorified sushi shack. I’m fond of the Cuban at Mojitos in Norcross, and Taqueria Los Hermanos has a well deserved reputation for Mexican food in Lilburn, though it’s not upscale.

      The two most ambitious restaurants in Lawrenceville/Lilburn are Three Blind Mice and the Local Republic. Three Blind Mice is a wine bar, Local Republic is a gastropub, and both have been reviewed on this blog. Next to Local Republic in Lawrenceville is Dominic’s, which serves a very old fashioned style of Italian, heavy in creams and oils. That might be to your tastes.

      Up in Suwanee is Cafe Gourmandises, which is perhaps my favorite French restaurant in the city. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the many Korean restaurants in Duluth and Suwanee. Hard to go anywhere without stumbling over a good one.

      In Duluth, Golden House may be the best Cantonese in the city, while Fung Mei deals in Northern Chinese and Sichuan. IMO, when their Sichuan chef is “on”, Fung Mei can rival the better known Peter Cheng’s.

      Ming’s BBQ in Duluth is a foodie favorite. It’s hardly upscale dining, though.

      In Snellville, Bonefish Grill near the Barnes and Noble is quite good. It can be a little noisy. I’ve met one of their chefs, while out having beers, and liked her a great deal.


  24. I wanted extend this invitation to you and your colleagues. I’d be very happy to have you there.

    Have the love with Church’s Chicken on Wednesday, April 15 for an exclusive ‘Meet and Tweet’ event with other local bloggers. Join us at the Church’s located at 4995 Buford Highway in Chamblee, GA from 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. for a chance to sample new products, hear about our latest promotions and provide real-time feedback on the guest experience.

    We encourage you to download the Church’s app, available for free in the iTunes and Google Play store, in advance of the event. We’ll be walking through some of its key features with tips on how to get the most out of the app.

    Bring your devices fully-charged and your fast fingers for typing (or tapping!)
    We’ll also be hosting a social media contest, where the person who has the most posts, Tweets, re-Tweets, Likes, etc. on the content he/she posts during the Meet and Tweet will win a $100 VISA gift card from Church’s! Second place will receive a $50 gift card. So be sure to snap photos, live Tweet and share content while you enjoy your meal.

    Feel free to invite your blogger friends, but space is limited! We are accepting RSVPs for the first ten spots on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please RSVP with your name, website and social media handles at by this Friday, April 10th to get on the list.


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