February 2013

No 246 wears well, like a great pair of leather shoes, or an oft washed pair of denims. It is a smaller restaurant on Ponce de Leon, next to Leon’s Full Service. No 246 has a longish bar, some tables, excellent staff and an intriguing menu. If you show up at lunch, you get to see staff prepping food for dinner, something a foodie might actually enjoy watching.

Wagyu flatiron steak.

Wagyu flatiron steak.

I enjoy the menu, think it well designed and the menu items are ambitious. Take the flatiron steak: how about wagyu flatiron instead? The salads are good. There are tapas style items. You can get a decent sized pizza here as well. Now, despite the care taken on the menu items, nothing really blew me away here. That can’t be said for my daughter, who favors their pastas and thinks they can, in fact, be blow you away good.

It’s a place I like to eat, feel free to linger, want to bask in the ambience and try out the food. I don’t think you can go wrong here, as it’s plenty good enough in a very competitive part of Atlanta.

No 246
129 E. Ponce De Leon
Decatus GA 30030
(678) 399-8246

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Three straight months of 50+ hour weeks is taking a toll on my ability to write. I head home and just crash, wanting rest and recuperation. The  end of the project that is the cause of my longer hours is approaching, though, and life, at some point, will return to something resembling normalcy. To that end I do announce that the blog FnS is 4 years old on this day. I’m not the only blog with a birthday around now. Chloe tells me Chow Down Atlanta turned 6 years old  last week.

I feel old, old enough to evoke a line from Twain’s plan for the improvement of English spelling, and say  that our two blogs are merely: bai now jast a memori in the maindz ov ould doderez,

Some highlights. I do like sausages:



Especially when they come from the Balkans. Euro Gourmet Grill is a survivor, and still serves up sudzukice and cevapcici with style.

If you haven’t tried the brunch at Graft, you’re missing out. It, along with Local Republic in Lawrenceville, are one of the three outstanding restaurants in the Lilburn-Lawrenceville-Snellville-Grayson quadrangle, and  reason enough to drive to the end  of Webb Ginn Road and turn right.

Eggs Benedict at Graft.

Eggs Benedict at Graft.

I’m told by those that know these things (i.e. Mike Stock) that the eggs benedict is excellent at Graft. It sure photographs well. I love the noontime light in the little converted house.

On my wife’s recent birthday we went to Haru Ichiban, a major favorite in my family. It does some fine grilled fish, a good miso cod and also grilled mackerel:

Grilled mackerel at Haru Ichiban.

Grilled mackerel at Haru Ichiban.

On my birthday we went to Woo Nam Jeong, Stone Bowl House, and we tried their “sampler platter appetizer”


On  Valentines, we did Honey Pig, and this is what our grill looked like that day.


Not to forget Summits in Snellville, this is a photo of their Towering Inferno burger, off their (relatively) new burger menu.

Not as hot as you might imagine, the Towering Inferno burger at Summits.

Not as hot as you might imagine, the Towering Inferno burger at Summits.

So we’ve been out and about, it’s just been hard finding time to put pen to paper. For those who are still reading, we much appreciate the patronage and hope to hold out for year number 5!