Kroger these days is selling tri tip roasts in the 2 pound range. Trader Joes often has meat sales that involve tri tip steaks.

These we’ve added to the sous vide pot. The tri tip steak was an impulse buy because they were inexpensive, and the roast a somewhat later choice, when wanting a couple pounds of meat to last the week.

Tri tip steak at 4.5 hours was a little soft.

We cooked the steaks about 4.5 hours at 131 degrees. I didn’t mind the texture, but my daughter thought it was “granny food”. When looking about information for the roast, I saw times as short as an hour and as long as 52 hours. Obviously what you like in meat counts. One point of view, worth noting is:

Tri-Tip Roast is a tender cut of beef, mostly comprised of protein and fat. As a result, is best cooked by bringing it up to your desired temperature, but not letting it cook for an extended period of time.

Consequently, I cooked the roast about 2.5 hours. And it was just about perfect. There was no real need to go further with this roast.

Tri Tip roast at 2.5 hours and 131 degrees was just about ideal.

Both meats were dry spiced and cooked at 131 degrees. But if I were to do the steaks again, I’d keep them cooking no more than 2.5-3 hours.