It’s a tough market to crack, being kosher and serving meat. As my friend Sophia says, “The Orthodox community in Atlanta isn’t wealthy. The Jews that are, don’t keep kosher.” Nonetheless people try. And on a day when I wasn’t sure where to eat, I wandered in through the back door of Moshe’s Mediterranean Cuisine and took a look around.

I’m appreciative that we’ve had warm weather this late February. Otherwise I might not  have seen the open back doors of this eatery, peered inside and become curious. They’re new to Atlanta, as the most I could find on the Internet about them initially was a blurb about them receiving their kosher designation. Being new, in all honesty,  is perhaps the virtue that’s leading me to write about this place. Staff is still getting it all together, the place hasn’t built up a huge clientele yet. So, the staff will eat in their own place, and this staff is intelligent and talkative.

Turn into the strip mall with this sign.

Moshe’s is a little past the corner of Mount Vernon and  Jett Ferry Road. Head past the corner until you see  the CVS sign on the left. Then turn. Moshe’s is small, not easy to see. It’s a much longer restaurant than it is wide, so the sign and frontage is easy to miss. It’s there, trust me.

This day I had a salad and kabobs. They have a pretty extensive lunch menu, and prices at lunch are quite reasonable. They also offer schwarma, and they’re the closest restaurant to offer schwarma from where I work, along Peachtree Dunwoody. The bread for their sandwiches is cooked on site, and they have an oven, from Israel, in which they cook their pitas.

I regret not having had some of their bread. I suspect that pitas and the schwarma here are going to eventually decide how well this restaurant is received.

Just to note, staff routinely eat their own bread.

There is some spice in those ground carrots.

What I had was their pargiot kabobs and their cypress salad. Salads here are huge, and filling. Dressing is citrus flavored, tasty. The kabob was good, though dark chicken meat is hardly my favorite on a kabob. When I come back, I’ll probably be trying beef.

The best part of the meal was the engaging multicultural staff. They’re smart. They know food. I came in for a very late lunch and one of the chefs was out, eating, eating the bread they serve there. We shook hands and talked. Yeah, nice when you’re talking about food with a guy whose has forgotten more than you know, and introduces you to the rest of the staff. Right now, for a foodie, this kind of affability puts this place into the “off the charts” range for intangibles.

It’s too soon to place any kind of final verdict on this restaurant. Pretty good? Good? Superb? Crawl on your hands and knees from Sprayberry, GA to get here? Hard to know. It is, however, very promising, especially for lunch, and for those of you who think Tony Bourdain is a little lightweight on his food talk, this place is a must visit, if you can catch staff feeling relaxed and talkative.

Moshe’s Mediterranean Cuisine
2486-A Mt. Vernon Road
Dunwoody, GA 30338
(770) 393-2201

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