Spiced Right is a small Atlanta chain, with the original location in Lilburn and a newer location in Roswell. They’re small restaurants, with a hole in the wall feel. I went to the Roswell location recently, and was impressed enough to trek back to the original location, and see if things had changed from the days when the original owner ran the place.



The Lilburn location.


Spiced Right's sign in Roswell

Entrance to Roswell location.

Entrance to Roswell location.

It definitely had changed. Gone is the pulled pork buffet. These days they have dinner plates (2 meats, 2 sides) and a pared down menu. Gone are the array of hot sauces. In Lilburn they have 3, and in Roswell they have one, in Coke bottles. Personally I miss not having “Lilburner” around, but Spiced Right’s “Hot” is still one of the best sauces in the Atlanta area.


We stopped going to the original Spiced Right when they started having trouble with their ribs. This came within months of the ownership change, while they still had the buffet. My wife over time had become a rib eater and we can’t go to a restaurant that can’t smoke ribs. In both the Roswell and Lilburn locations the ribs come out smoked. You can smell it in the meat, taste it when you eat it, and the smell lingers on your fingers. These are good barbecued ribs.

half rack of ribs in Roswell

Half rack of ribs in Roswell.

Dinner plate (turkey, pulled pork) in Lilburn.

Dinner plate (turkey, pulled pork) in Lilburn.

Dinner plate (ribs, pulled pork) in Lilburn

Dinner plate (ribs, pulled pork) in Lilburn.

Table extras are kept in six pack boxes.

Table extras are kept in six pack boxes.

The sides are good. One of the better aspects of the old Spiced Right were the array of sides that just tasted good. The new owner has taken those and kept the flavor and character of the sides. You’re not losing anything by ordering Spiced Right’s baked beans or cole slaw. The potato salad has a hint of mustard in it and the french fries are hand cut and good. Just, if you get the fries in a basket, transfer them to something else quickly, because the hot meat will steam them into softness quickly.

These are good restaurants, good enough to go to if you’re in the area. The ribs I had in Lilburn location were better, chewier, richer in flavor than the ribs I had in Roswell. That could just be the luck of the draw. Every meat was smoked, all of them had a smoke ring if you looked. And as the Lilburn location is one of the closest locations to Snellville to provide a genuine smoked ‘cue, I do wish them well. We need more restaurants like these two, not fewer.

Verdict: Good smoked meats, good sauces, good sides. Pared down menu from times past. Highly recommended.

Spiced Right Ribhouse BBQ
635 Atlanta Street
Roswell, GA 30075
(678) 352-9633

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Spiced Right Smokehouse BBQ
5364 Lawrenceville Highway
Lilburn, GA 30047
(770) 564-0355

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