I haven’t been eating out much recently, but a transformer explosion wrecked the evening meal a couple days ago, so we trekked down the road to Golden House. A former Danny Ting joint, his restaurants are noted for their excellent casseroles. So I tried one, finally. In English, the name of the dish is Eight Pleasures with Bean Curd.

Definitely the star of the meal, there were mushrooms and scallions, chinese cabbage, shrimp, pork, and octopus in the dish. Mine arrived at the table first and disappeared fast.

One pot dishes are found throughout Asian cooking. In Japan, it’s the nabemono dishes that people know well. I find it hard, for example, to pass up a good seafood yosenabe. And for those who have never had the full blown presentation of a Japanese one pot dish, there are few better places to go in this city than Nakato. But for Chinese, or Vietnamese, where to go? I’d say I’ve found a good one in Golden House.