I’m sorry if the blog has been a little quiet. Things have been difficult the past few weeks and it hasn’t been easy to write. My main computer is currently offline, and that makes things tricky. I’m very used to working with that particular machine.

That said, this past Monday, my daughter celebrated a birthday at Miso Izakaya. This restaurant was her choice, perhaps because it’s a long drive from Snellville, and as she explained, “we don’t get to go very often”.

Some of the things we tried included

The Onigiri at Miso are excellent

The Onigiri at Miso are good.

The Tuna Tartare was spicier than we expected, and just spicy enough to really please my wife.

The short ribs were tasty as can be, and went over well.

After the fact, I found out that Chloe and Foodie Buddha were there at about the same time.  Perhaps meeting them at Miso is something to look forward to, when things on my end begin to get a little better.