Sandy Springs Diner is pretty, in a 1930s way, compact, with perhaps 12-15 places to sit and a small bar that can seat six. I suspect it’s old, but unlike the Alpha Soda Restaurant on Alpharetta, the history here seems to be entirely lost. I came here during an off hour, as 3pm is a time  when most restaurants are closed. And despite that, I was served immediately and service overall was good.

The corned beef for the reuben I had was thin sliced and pure corn beef. I was wondering why I hadn’t the flavor of my previous reuben and then realized the meats weren’t the same. Pastrami. Corned beef. duh. The sandwich is solid, with plenty of meat and a good helping of saurkraut. The Greek salad was worthwhile and filling, spot on in its flavors, with some really good black olives.

The menu, to note, is not a carbon copy of others in the area, and has a heavier emphasis on seafood platters than most. I’d suggest trying sandwiches first before trusting any of these huge diner menus to their most sophisticated items. But in this case, thumbs up to the sandwich.

Sandy Springs Diner
8612 Roswell Road
Sandy Springs, GA 30350
(770) 594-9272

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