The Brickery Bar and Grill is an eatery with a menu designed for cautious eaters. They serve vegetables, but they’re largely steamed. Meats are cooked simply. Ribs are – I confirmed this with my waiter – are baked and then finished on their grill. Staples here are things like their large chicken pot pie.

I came in here, and had one of  their salmon salads. Given the character of the eatery, I was surprised how large the salad was, how large the fish serving was, how much flavor and smoke smell was actually in the fish.

The inside looks good. Brick is everywhere – hardly surprising given the name. A quarter of the eatery seems to be partitioned off,  perhaps for group events or the like. Booths are black and covered, it seems, in leather.

So it’s good looking. It has a decent beer selection. Along one wall are a huge collection of pins. So it has some cute thematics. What it won’t have are things like chorizo burgers, or tilapia topped with habanero mustard hollandaise.  Simple foods done well: that’s the Brickery formula, and it seems, in my one try here, to be working.

Brickery Bar and Grill
Sandy Springs
6125 Roswell Road
Atlanta, GA 30328
(404) 843-8002

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