I really didn’t have a chance to check this place out but it looks really intriguing to me:

It must have more of a name than I’ve given it, but they don’t seem to have business cards or a take out menu. The iced oysters, though, look good and it’s one of these places I would like to try some day.

Also to note, as one burger joint rises, another dies. Farm Burger is all the rage these days (reviews here, here and here), people putting out reports on it seemingly once a day. At the same time Fuddrucker’s in Snellville is now closed. I remember when the first Fuddruckers appeared in Houston. In those days, a burger larger than a quarter pound was something of a novelty and the ability to choose your own topping a refreshing change. The restaurant was out on the west of town, something of a drive and the cars in the parking lot were all BMWs, Mercedes, and full sized American sedans. It was upscale, a characteristic lost in recent times. As mainstream chains (such as Hardees) adopted larger and larger burgers, the novelty value went away and it was just one of many chains.