It’s the first day this year that you can put plants out for at least a week and there is no forecast of freezing. So I put out my boonie peppers and will let them live in sunlight for a while. They have no leaves and appear dreadfully dry in parts, but the root trunks of these bushes are a bright green and the stems have what look like little buds on them. I’m crossing my fingers. I need to fertilize them, I think, until I see leaves perhaps, but after that I have to stop feeding them for 6 weeks in order to get flowers and fruit. We’ll see. This is the first season I have fully grown plants at the start.

Bare of leaves, but stems are green.

Some quiet conversations at work dredged up a coworker who is a type 1 diabetic. He was recommending a sweetener called agave nectar. I’ve seen this in honey-like bottles at Alons in Dunwoody. I’m told it has a lower glycemic index than most sweeteners and he uses it to cook with. I’d be curious about recipes with agave.

After what seemed like way too long, we purchased bikes. I now have a bike for every member of the family. With my foot issues, I need a way to do aerobics without putting too much weight on my feet, and biking seemed reasonable. Just, most of my life I was biking with single speeds and these have gears and all. Any general advice for the care and feeding of bicycles from readers would be appreciated. I’d like to have a small toolkit just for the bikes, because the brakes ended up a little messed up when I got them off the bike rack. (My cars are too small to carry bicycles inside. I had to buy the bike rack first.)

Otherwise, my foot problems have flared up again as I prepare to go to the alumni bash. Hopefully it will turn out well, even on one and a half feet. Wish me luck!