Greenwoods, a restaurant founded by Bill Greenwood and located on Green Street in Roswell, has an over twenty year history of seating customers and satisfying appetites. Like so many other restaurants in the historic district of Roswell, this one is carved out of a house, brick walls and wooden sides the dominant elements as you approach. The grounds are quirky. A black truck frame sits on one side, and figuring out where the entrance lies presents a bit of a problem. I followed sidewalks and opened the first door I found. Luckily it was the right door.

Staff and patrons were friendly this lunch time, the patrons telling me this was going to be some of the best food I’d ever eaten. In the various rooms, tables were a dark brown, the color scheme was a white and dark orange, and paintings could be found on the walls. Greenwoods is well known for its chicken dish, but I have a serious weakness for duck, and was pretty sure before I came that I was going to try their duck with plum sauce, and that’s in fact what I ordered. It comes with two sides, and I asked that the plum sauce be placed on the side.

I was told it would take 20 minutes to prepare my duck, and in advance they left a good cornbread on the table. It seemed shorter than 20 minutes to me, as the duck arrived quickly. It was a good looking bird, with a pretty skin and dusted with cracked peppercorn. It tasted fantastic. The duck skin was crisp. The peppercorns were a nice touch, adding heat and flavor to the skin. I could have the duck with the spice of pepper, or pour on the plum sauce and add the sweet and fruit flavors the plum sauce provided.

The collards surprised me. They were a little dry and they were tart. I liked the change, thought the collards were well worth eating. The black eyed peas were decent but not outstanding. Serving size was really large. There was enough food here to feed me for two meals, not one. The cost overall was comparable to a mid priced steak house, but given the generous portions, a group could eat rather cheaply here by sharing entrées.

Left to right: plum sauce, black eyed peas, collard greens.

My overall impression is that Bill Greenwood’s restaurant deserves its reputation. The duck was excellent, the service was good, and the patrons largely enthusiastic about this icon in Roswell.

Verdict: Excellent traditional eatery in the heart of Roswell. A great duck. Highly recommended.

1087 Green Street
Roswell, GA 30075
(770) 992-5383

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