Eclipse di Luna, Dunwoody edition, is found on Ashford Dunwoody road just opposite Perimeter Mall. It’s in the same mall area as Alon’s, but it is entirely on the other side from the bakery. It’s a very popular place. I tried going once after work and there was no way I was going to fight those crowds. I tried during the week at lunchtime, and was a lot more successful.

It’s very festive on entering, with a sign and posted menus near the doorway:




Inside, it’s a very pretty restaurant. The bar is large, and the wines, all stacked above the bar, are backlit. Lights that look like Christmas ornaments hang from the roof. There is inside and outside seating, roomy tables everywhere. Some of the seating was closed for the time being, as there were just a few customers.

Service came reasonably fast, and we ordered food and soda in quick succession. And for those ordering soda, please note it comes in 8 ounce bottles, is not cheap, and you pay for refills. The dishes were ordered included a duck empanada (empanada de pato), mussels, and a bit of trout (trucha nativa).

mussels with a bit of leftover empanada.

mussels with a bit of leftover empanada.


The empanada wasn’t bad, though the cream on the outside was overpowering and detracted, in my opinion, from the duck. The mussels were delicious, and the curry cream sauce really enhanced the flavor of the shellfish. The fish was quite good, crusty and dusted with almonds and capers. I was surprised at the size of the servings of mussels and fish. It ended up being a heavy lunch. And if not for the cost of the little bottles of soda, it would have been quite a bargain, even.

Would I go again? Absolutely. There are a lot of things on their menu I didn’t have time to try, including three different kinds of paella.

Verdict: If you want to try a lot of small dishes, Eclipse can scratch your itch. Nicely done, highly recommended.

Eclipse di Luna – Park Place
4505 Ashford Dunwoody Road,
Atlanta, GA 30346
(678) 205-5862

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