Wright’s Gourmet is a bit of southern hospitality in the heart of Dunwoody, close to the intersection of Mount Vernon and Chamblee Dunwoody. It’s reachable by heading north on Chamblee Dunwoody from the intersection and turning left as soon as you can, into the Shops of Dunwoody. Just opposite Wright’s is an Old Hickory House and nearby is the Dunwoody Tavern and the Dunwoody outpost of C’om Vietnamese.

You’ll see the outdoor seating for Wright’s long before you find the entrance. They have about 20 tables with chairs outside, all colored white, under large ceiling fans and shaded with a generous overhang. Inside, there are perhaps 10 tables, all natural wood and showing some age, as if they collected them all in estate sales. It’s part of the charm of the place that they mix old fashioned with 21st century expertise.

Front of Wright's Gourmet.

Front of Wright's Gourmet.

Once inside, there are the chairs. To the right are display cases with full sized cakes, cupcakes and other prepared foods. There are good looking chicken pot pies in the cases, as well as lasagna, ziti, manicotti and other pastas, family sized and ready to pop into the oven. In the back is the counter where you can order. Behind the counter is a blackboard with the salads  and sandwiches available that day. Another display case is on the right of the counter, and it has prepared salads you can choose.

The day I came I got a medium order of their marinated vegetables and Glenda’s Garden, a vegetarian sandwich.


It was a really good sandwich, full of flavor, with slices of tomato, cucumber, sprouts, red onion, avocado and very thin slices of cheese. Their marinated veggies were also quite tasty. I was hungry that day and the vegetables didn’t last long.

I came here later in the afternoon and there were a lot of people here still. People were gathered around tables and there were distinctly more women than men lingering. It almost had the feel of a tea house or one of the Asian bakeries, where men and women gather, eat small amounts of food and chat.

This is a place whose offerings and food compete directly with a place like Alon’s. It’s just that while Alon’s is a place to get a sandwich, a bit of gelato and maybe a cream brulee, at Wright’s you might get a sandwich, buy a pot pie for your daughter, and maybe pick up a slice or two of red velvet cake. The target audience for Wright’s is a lot more down to earth.

Wright’s, The Gourmet Sandwich Shoppe
5482 Chamblee Dunwoody Road
Dunwoody, GA 30338
(770) 396-7060

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This was a last minute choice on a day when my wife wasn’t feeling well. She asked me to pick up some food and bring it home. Usually that means heading to an ethnic restaurant and getting a few items to go. But we had been wanting to find Alon’s Bakery and Market for some time. So I didn’t tell her I was heading that way. I wanted it to be a surprise.

Alon’s can be difficult to find. As you near it from the north, it seems a dozen roads spin off in every direction. It’s easy to get lost. This time, though, I stayed to the right when the road split. Soon, I spied the sign I had seen in so many web pages and managed to find a parking spot. Once parked, I called and let my wife know where I was.

Once inside of Alon’s, the store has a way of just making you stop, look, and stare at the items they offer. I can’t begin to encompass all they sell, but the first thing you see are danish and cookies, then small desserts. Alon’s sells breads as well, but I didn’t see any, as it was late in the day. Next was a sandwich ‘booth’, then prepared foods. And that’s just the left side. On the right there were fine cheeses, other dairy products, items like truffle oil, an assortment of hard to find soft drinks, and fine canned goods.

So, to start, I got some cookies and a danish. I picked up three desserts, a lemon square, a small apple based dessert, and a cheesecake tart. Three sandwiches followed (turkey, pastrami and ham), then small salads: chickpea and feta, a tabouleh salad, and orzo, chicken and cashews.  I ended with a couple sodas (Fentiman’s Ginger Beer, and Gale’s Root Beer).

Once home, I unpacked everything and people took what they wanted. I ended up with the roast beef sandwich and the beef was fresh and cool, the bread crusty and excellent, the sandwich quite good. My wife really liked the turkey, commented on the quality of the meat and my daughter’s sandwich was finished before I could ask her about what she ate. The salads went over well. I like the orzo salad the most, my wife was partial to the chickpea salad. My daughter came back for seconds on all of them.

The desserts were very good. I thought the apple dessert was exceptional, the cheesecake tart very good. My daughter liked the lemon square, but wanted a bit more flavor from it. The cookies, oatmeal raisin bites, were popular as well.

For those who don’t want to treat this as a place ‘to go’ there is outdoor seating though not a whole lot of it. The sightseeing in the area is pretty special, though. It’s not every day you see someone park their greyhound outside and then go shopping for food.

Verdict: Unusually good place to buy sandwiches, bread, prepared foods and desserts. Charming, a visual eyeful. Highly recommended.

Alon’s Bakery and Market
1394 N. Highland Ave
Atlanta, GA 30306
(404) 872-6000

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