Home made inari-zushi, which was delicious.


Seen at Target, a home sized molcajete.


Seen around town, these tiny Smart Cars.


Seen at a party recently held, the Smoke Jack truck, a catering and restaurant firm out of Alpharetta, showing off their wares.



This is going to be a short photographic survey of places to eat in Norcross, and not an exhaustive survey either.  The focus is Mojito’s, and we’ll show some images of some other interesting places to eat in Norcross along Jones Street.

The first image is Paizano’s. It’s a pretty restaurant, both inside and outside, and I’ve eaten there perhaps three to four times. My impression of their dishes goes from pretty good to really good.  Their antipasto salad is excellent. Service ranges from decent to good.


Paizanos on Urbanspoon

The next image is that of Zapata, which we have reviewed before.


The third is the Iron Horse Tavern. In terms of their food, they are essentially the same as the Royal Oak Pub, which I have reviewed in the past. I recall having Harp and the lamb tikka (very good) at Iron Horse.  Their service is good, and they may have a bit more space than Royal Oak.


Iron Horse Tavern on Urbanspoon

The Norcross Station Cafe is a landmark in the area, being a converted railroad stop.


Mojito’s is really what we were aiming for. I think this restaurant is beautiful myself.



We ordered their beef empanadas. The habanero sauce that comes with this dish is really really good.


These are Mojito’s sweet plantains. They are a little crisper than most, and my wife really likes that crunch.


Cuban sandwich with black beans. The beans are richly flavored.


Media Noche with yellow rice. Both the Cuban and Media Noche are full flavored sandwiches and highly recommended.


A grilled Chicken sandwich with a side of congri. Not as good as the Cuban, but grilled flavor is clear in the sandwich.


Yes, a bit heavy for lunch, but my wife was craving beef empanadas and this was as close a place as we knew to get them. If you know of places closer to Snellville, tell us about them.

Notes: You can get to downtown Norcross quickly if you use the access road that parallels I-85 on the west, Brook Hollow Parkway. Take Ronald Reagan to Pleasant Hill, Pleasant Hill to I-85 S. Exit I-85 S at Indian Trail and at the intersection, head straight, do not turn left or right. Stay on the Parkway until you reach Mitchell Road. Turn right on Mitchell and take the road until you can go no further. At this point you are in Norcross facing the fire station and are three turns from Peachtree Street (left, right, left).

Thanks to the recommendation of Barney of Urban Spoon, I am now the proud owner of a Canon SD Powershot 1200 IS.  The camera was purchased because of its small size, its optical image stabilization, and its performance without a flash in low light. With it, you can get food photos such as this one, from the Snellville Ruby Tuesdays:

Turkey mini burgers and a potato, from Ruby Tuesday in Snellville.

Turkey mini burgers and a potato, from Ruby Tuesday in Snellville.

Or this one, of the front of Albatross Bar and Grill, on Main Street in Snellville:

The front of Albatross Bar and Grill, Snellville GA

The front of Albatross Bar and Grill, Snellville GA

Yes, I’m pleased with it. It’s emotionally awkward to take photos of this kind, just I know that there is a huge difference when I can see what I might eat, as opposed to just reading about what I might eat.

As readers may know, I’ve been trying to go onto a diet, exercise and lose weight, and this Wednesday I woke up and my knee wasn’t working properly. It hurt to move. I didn’t have very good balance, it hurt to do much of anything other than lie on my bed with my knee pretty much straight. Bending my knee hurt. So next day, I went to the doctor and she told me I probably have torn cartilage in my left knee. So it’s ice and an anti-inflammatory drug for now. CVS has this cool device for icing legs, consisting of a wrapper and a package full of gel that you freeze:

This thing works really well for icing joints.

This thing works really well for icing joints.

I go back on the 30th of July, to see if I’ve been healing. I can say getting to the doctor was smart, because ice and drugs have markedly improved my mobility. Just, I have to figure out how to keep an aerobic component to my workouts when I can’t push my knee anymore.

All my boonie peppers are outside now. 6 of the 7 look good, the 7th plant is a roll of the dice for now.

potted Guam boonie peppers.

potted Guam boonie peppers.

Driving along Scenic Highway, north of the Scenic Highway-Highway 78 intersection, there is a strip mall with a vitamin shop, a Radio Shack, and now, a soon-to-be-opened sushi shop:

Sushi Avenue in Snellville, GA

Sushi Avenue in Snellville, GA

They have posted hours, but I wasn’t able to go inside.

Sushi Avenue Hours

Sushi Avenue Hours

I’ll let everyone know more as I know more.