There is an excellent article on salsa in the New York Times, barring only one thing: once again, when something from Mexico is involved, the Times can’t avoid taking pot shots at Tex-Mex and Mexi-Cali cuisines. That’s an affectation I’ve lost all patience for. The central conceit is that a gringo reporter from New York knows far more about Mexican foods, in all their permutations, than a Tejano or Hispanic born in California ever would.

I spent a little bit of time at Cheeseburger in Paradise. I needed something different at 3pm and the end result was a sandwich CIB calls the Dragon Fire Chicken Sandwich. With the sauce on the side, I liked it a lot. Also interesting is this was the first time I was ever asked about specific issues in my diet, after telling a server (bartender in this case) that I was on a strict diet. Kudos there. They’ll also give you a side of steamed broccoli, instead of fries, if you ask.