Tastee’s Jamaican Cuisine is a small restaurant in a strip mall one block south of the Highpoint Road-Highway 124 intersection. It sits adjacent to Flame’s Sports Bar and Grill, facing 124. The day I arrived they were smoking their jerk chicken just outside the store.


Inside, it’s small. There are a few tables, but very few. The menu is scrawled on a whiteboard, there are covered containers of food behind a counter, and on the counter, a heating rack full of patties. They have chicken and beef patties at this place. Patties are cheap, less than $2.00 each. They also have dinner plates, with jerk chicken, oxtail, curried chicken and goat, brown stew chicken and brown stew fish. The dinner plates come in a medium and large size, have peas and rice and vegetables as sides.  Medium plates run about $7 dollars or so and large plates about $9.50 or so.

I was shopping for lunch. My wife only eats patties, so I bought 4 chicken patties and a large plate of curried goat to go. As appealing as the smoked chicken was, I had never had goat and this was an opportunity. We took it home, shared tastes. My daughter had never had goat either and there wasn’t any way she was just eating patties.

Goat is a dark meat, and some compare the taste to lamb or veal.  The curry spices, of course, were the dominant flavors in the dish. The curry was tasty without being too spicy or overpowering. Peas and rice were good, and the mixed vegetables (largely stewed cabbage) were good as well. The patties, in comparison to  Golden Krust, were larger, rounder, and the filling was creamier in texture. The patties had some spicy heat, which wasn’t immediately obvious but would creep up on you later.

Verdict: good first impression, recommended for now. It is inexpensive, as patties are cheap and filling. I will need to go back sometime and try their home smoked chicken.

Tastee’s Jamaican Cuisine
2671 Centerville Hwy
Snellville, GA 30078
(678) 344-7004

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It’s on the corner of Oak Road and 124, next to the Pizza Hut Express. It’s easy to miss the Golden Krust bakery, and the name doesn’t give you much of a hint of what is inside. But once inside, you can smell the food and spices and it leaves me, at least, hungry.

There isn’t much space in this small restaurant and bakery and I’ve never really eaten on site. I wouldn’t recommend it; it gets too crowded, to be honest. This is a take out place. You can get chicken, jerked chicken and curried chicken, but the star of the menu really are their golden fried patties. The patty is a pastry shaped like an empanada, and filled with hot meat. They can be had for less than 2.00 each and depending on the size of your appetite, 1 or 2 is usually enough.

They also have some other exotic treats.  Golden Krusts’ peas and rice are a bit like the red beans and rice you find in Louisiana. Fried plantains are part of their menu, and that alone would have me going there. But my family has grown fond of the jerked chicken patties, so it’s usually a run to Golden Krust, pick up six patties and a fried plantain side, and then on with the rest of the day’s business.

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