This dish is from  Fung Mei’s Sichuan menu, and if you’re “fried out” of dishes like dry fried eggplant, this mix of vegetables, noodles, and creamy soft meat is a worthwhile addition to your Sichuan choices.

Vegetables, noodles, plenty of spice, and creamy, fatty, delicious meat.

Try it. You won’t be disappointed!

I’ll note that Fung Mei’s E1, Chicken with Dried Red Pepper, is becoming better and better. In other venues, this dish is called “Shan City” chicken. IMO, this version is currently the best in town.

Mini Hot Pot 2 is a cousin to a restaurant along Buford Highway, and as Chow Down Atlanta has found out, is recently opened. I’ve been intrigued because any style of eating that lets me pick and choose what I eat works wonders when I’m dieting, especially as specific as my diet can be.

In this kind of eatery, the tables have individual heaters (with individual heat controls) and they place small steel pots into the sunkern heater area. You get to choose the kind of broth you want (4 kinds) and whether it is spicy or not. There are a variety of meat choices and a wide array of side dishes to add to the pot. All the food that appears, you cook yourself in the pot.

The first time I came here, I took my daughter because my wife was ailing. She chose pork as her main meat and I took lamb. The lamb was excellent in the pot, as nothing hid the flavor of the meat. We added a lot of vegetables as sides, including chinese cabbage, spinach, and watercress. Staff was extremely helpful, guiding my daughter and I through all the intricacies of the meal.

watercress in foreground, spinach in the background.

We came the next day, as my wife was feeling better. This time both my daughter and I chose lamb, and my wife chose chicken as her meat. We started going to the “dipping sauce” bar by ourselves, making something to dip the cooked foods in.

In comparison with Gom Shabu Shabu, which we recently reviewed, I think Mini Hot Pot 2 has more side choices, more choices in the stock. My wife’s reaction to Mini Hot Pot 2 was that it was “wonderful”, and she spent a good part of the afternoon plotting ways to get various members of her family there. I can only hope she succeeds, as I think it would be as big a success with them as it was with us.

Verdict: Excellent place to get your veggie fix and your glasses steamed. Highly recommended.

Mini Hot Pot 2
2174 Pleasant Hill Rd. Suite 101
Duluth, GA 30096
(678) 417-8888

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