In a strip mall on Sugarloaf Parkway, sandwiched between Old Norcross Road and Highway 316, is the third member of Taqueria Los Hermanos chain (of four, as there is now a Suwanee location). It’s easy to miss, as this area is packed with chains of all kinds. Passing it though, would be a mistake, as this small Atlanta area chain is one of the better taquerias around (reviews here and here).

The emphasis has to be placed on “tacos” in this place, because the tacos, far better than in any generic “Mexican” chain, make the reputation of this restaurant. Well, in Taqueria Los Hermanos, it’s the tacos, the excellent salsas and dry crisp chips, the excellent service, the way food rapidly reappears on your table. I’ve felt in general that Taqueria Los Hermanos always excelled at the little things and had some trouble getting together really good entrees. This changed when we ate at the Lawrenceville location.

pechuga en mole, sauce on the side.

pechuga en mole with the sauce.

One of the specials this day was pechuga en mole, and both my daughter and my wife ordered it. My wife ordered it with the mole on the side, my daughter as it is normally served. It worked well for both of them, and they really enjoyed the dish.

The base salsa here is a bright red salsa with lively bright flavors. The bowl they give you is large and they refill it often. Chips, as mentioned, are dry, not oily. They do well with the salsa that comes with  their tacos, and their pico de gallo is also quite good. Taqueria Los Hermanos wouldn’t hurt themselves if they added a salsa plate to their menu.

The carnitas taco is much larger than I remembered, and this day the verde sauce came separate from the taco. Other  times I’ve eaten at this chain, everything was assembled for me.

excellent marinated pork

I also had their pastor burrito. I  think Taqueria Los Hermanos handles pork well, and  you’re missing out if you don’t have some pork when you eat here.

Overall? The best meal we’ve collectively ever had at the Taqueria Los Hermanos. This chain comes very highly recomended. It’s a serious fix for the “I want more than a Speedy Gonzales” blues.

Taqueria Los Hermanos
4955 Sugarloaf Pkwy
Lawrenceville, GA 30044
(770) 817-0363

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