Bonefish Grill is located in the Avenue at Webb Ginn, just a stone’s throw from the large Barnes and Noble there. Inside, Bonefish Grill is a good looking restaurant, with a good looking bar. They have bar seating on stools, and long tables with marbled black stone surfaces, and booths, whose tables are covered with brown craft paper. Above the bar are a pair of television sets, and wrapped around the bar area are dozens of wine bottles. Compared to McCray’s Tavern, which we recently visited, this place is focused on wine sales.

And surprisingly, compared to McCray’s, this place is noisy. The music is a little loud for my tastes. Now, that means that table conversation doesn’t drift, but it also means that Bonefish Grill really isn’t about a quiet romantic dinner.

In seafood choices, however, this place excels.  You can get food grilled, sauteed, baked and fried. The fish and seafood offered included grouper, chilean sea bass, tilapia, tuna, scallops, shrimp, squid, mussels, lobster tails and rainbow trout.  If high end doesn’t impress, they offer shrimp tacos and fish and chips. For those inclined to land bound fare, they have two good looking chicken entrees, pork options, filet mignon and a steak special.

My west coast in-laws commented on the imperial longfin on the menu, and ordered it. We also ordered swordfish, grilled rainbow trout, chicken,   some house salads, and their corn chowder (with bits of crab). The corn chowder turned out to be really good. It was creamy, and the bits of crab added that hint of seafood to the dish. My daughter commandeered the cup and finished it quickly. The salads were good. The pine nuts were a nice touch, the olives quite good, and I’m partial to palm heart myself.

Among the entrees, we liked the grilled rainbow trout the best. It was really good, thin filets, with the fish opened as if it were a book.  The grilled taste of the trout really came through. But everything was good, really. We all shared tastes, and almost nothing was left behind, but for a bit of the chicken. We were all quite full at the end, and I’m not sure how we would have saved space for their desserts (which also look really good).

Service is very good. Waitstaff wear white tops with the Bonefish logo. They are friendly, helpful, and notice when drinks are empty.

Verdict: This place is a winner in the Snellville/Lawrenceville axis, with really good food and seafood choices that can’t be found within miles.  Highly recommended.

Bonefish Grill
1350 Scenic Hwy, Suite 200
Snellville, GA 30078
(678) 344-8945

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Ted Turner is an Atlanta icon, who married Jane Fonda, and in the process began looking at the world and his fortune a little differently from the typical magnate. He invested in ranch land, and rather than raise sheep or cattle, he has been raising bison, more so than anyone else on Earth. Partly as an outlet for his immense bison herds, he founded a restaurant, Ted’s Montana Grill, which serves bison, among other meats.

There is a Ted’s Montana Grill nestled in the northeast corner of the intersection of Scenic Highway (Highway 124) and Webb Ginn Road. It’s in the same part of the sprawling complex of stores and restaurants that has On the Border, Red Robin, and Doc Greens, and is roughly across Scenic Highway from  Poblano’s Mexican restaurant. It’s a bit in the back, hard to see from Scenic Highway, but trust me it’s there.

The draw for me to Ted’s are the burgers. They can make them with beef, they can make them with chicken, and they can make them with bison. In my experience, bison burgers are a bit more full flavored than beef and worth the small premium you might pay for such a meal. Ted’s isn’t unique in serving bison burgers. The barbecue joint Smoky Bones also dishes up bison burgers, but the closest one of those is in Stonecrest Mall, in Lithonia.

Ted’s will serve up home made pickles (they disappear quickly at our table) and also bread  (these days you have to ask for bread). They also serve up $10 off coupons if you search for them, and when we had a supply of those we were going to Ted’s more often. But it does serve a fine plate of food, and they do so with one thing hard to come by on the edge of the greater Atlanta area: generally good service.

There are a lot of chains whose service suffers when you get further from the center of the Atlanta metro area. This one doesn’t seem to suffer nearly as badly. Waiters are generally to tables quickly. They top off drinks, ask questions about your meal, see that you’re happy, give you another plate of those pickles when your daughter asks. I have to say I like the food here, but it’s the combination of good food, and attention to the little details that have kept me coming back to this restaurant.

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