It’s a small restaurant in a small strip mall, on the right on Highway 78 as you’re headed from Atlanta to Athens, and thus easy to miss. “We Got Soul” calls itself a soul food restaurant, but I’m not sure what really distinguishes it from a meal and three restaurant, really. The dishes served are pretty common across restaurants that call themselves “Southern” or “family” in these parts.



Baked chicken, collards, cabbage, all very tasty.

Baked chicken, collards, cabbage, all very tasty.

It is, however, pretty inside, with the most unique salt and pepper holders I’ve seen in any restaurant so far. The foods are rich tasting, dripping with flavor and worth the price this restaurant charges.

Try it. It’s another of these small, respectable eateries that are appearing around the Stone Mountain side of Highway 78.

We Got Soul
5210 Stone Mountain Highway
Stone Mountain, GA 30087
(770) 413-4213

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Guthries is a small chain, a place to get nicely done chicken fingers, well covered in a blog post by Grant Goggans. It’s one of the places that’s pretty safe for someone like me to eat, as long as I avoid chips and fries. The dish that fits my style of eating best is the sauce and seven, seven fingers and two sauces, which I can add to a salad to make a nice little meal.

I also dropped by because there were reports of wireless at this location. I wasn’t able to find any such signal. The two tan sauces that came with the chicken fingers had a flavor much like a thousand island dressing. The yellowish dressing was an Italian, and not bad.

3219 Holcomb Bridge Road
Norcross, GA 30092
(770) 248-4244

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Chef Liu was once a small hole-in-the-wall restaurant on Buford Highway. Recently, it became a much bigger restaurant on Buford Highway by moving into a larger location on the north side of the same mall area. I know that Jennifer Zyman had been talking about the upcoming move for some time. When other foodies said it was a reality, and when my family headed in eight directions at once, I decided to drop in.

It’s a decent looking restaurant, with glass covered table tops, a few round tables with circular glass carousels, and some fancier enclosed places to sit off to one side. On the wall, near the cash register, is a black strip, covered with photos and names of dishes the restaurant serves. On square tables, there are also pictures of food with names, and almost every dish presented was something I’d never seen before. Or maybe I had in a dim-sum place, but couldn’t name it off the bat.

The leek pie tempted me the most, but it’s hard to do a review on just a leek pie. So I also ordered a cold dish, the sliced spicy beef, and also ordered lamb noodle soup,  because I’m fond of lamb.

My favorite dish was the cold beef. Though gelatinous at times, the spicing was very nice, with decent heat and a lingering flavor. I enjoyed the leek pie, bits of egg mixed in with transparent noodles and leek. The lamb noodle soup was decent. I liked the meat and the white noodles were chewy and delicious, but the broth was thin and tasteless until near the very end. Then, you could stir up bits of meat and fragments of noodle and they gave the broth the flavor it never had in the beginning.

Verdict: Good, interesting, inexpensive food. Recommended.

Chef Liu
5283 Buford Highway
Doraville, GA 30340
(770) 936-0532

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La Madeleine is a chain, in several states, and is also a bakery and restaurant. It’s generally well favored at work. It’s not uncommon to see people at lunch with “La Madeleine” brown bags by their desks. It has been hampered recently because of all the construction around Perimeter Mall, but otherwise is a fairly common sight.

I went here for lunch once, out of curiosity. It’s homier than other regional French bakeries and cafes, using heavy wood furniture inside. The setup is kind of a buffet style line, where you ask for foods to be given to you and/or ask for foods to be made for you. At the end they present you with a wooden spoon mounted on a base (carved with a number) and you’re asked to sit and wait for your food.

To begin I had some cream of potato soup, a bread stick, and a small lemon based dessert. All were quite good.

Bacon is optional on the potato soup.

The sandwich had a lot of flavor for a turkey based sandwich. A lot of that was the layer of bacon in the sandwich. In terms of flavor for the buck, this sandwich was quite a bargain.

The brown strip between the turkey is a layer of bacon.

I looked carefully at the menu afterwards for items that could be used in a diet. I didn’t see any so I asked the staff. They couldn’t recall any either. So, unlike some other bakeries, which offer inexpensive vegetarian sandwiches that could be used in a diet, this isn’t an option at La Madeleine. In almost all other respects though, this is a pleasant, carefully crafted sandwich shop and bakery and I do recommend it.

Verdict: Pleasant sandwich shop and bakery with nice sandwiches and nice breads. Highly recommended.

La Madeleine Country French Cafe
1165 Perimeter Center West
Atlanta, GA 30338
(770) 392-0516

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