We’ve spoken of Mughals Restaurant in Norcross before. It’s located in the strip mall on the northeast corner of Jimmy Carter and  Singleton Road, and you can’t see it from the road. Just turn in and it will be there.

When you get there, you’ll order at a counter. They’ll give you a number and  you can sit.

There is a small eating area in front of the counter, and a larger one, their Banquet Hall, to the left as you face the counter. I’ve always found the man who staffs this eatery to be exceptionally patient. And his chicken 65 (explanation of the name is here; video of this dish is here) is good.

There is chili flavor in this fish, and notes of ginger. Neither is overwhelming, but are there. This dish seems to me to be the South Asian answer to the French Fry: something good, a guilty pleasure driven by good spices and the just right amount of hot cooking oil.

Mughal’s Restaurant and Banquet Hall
5265 Jimmy Carter Boulevard
Norcross, Georgia 30093

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Chicken 65 is a dish in much the same category as the French fry: an unhealthy concoction of twice fried foods dipped in a batter, best when piping hot. It’s also really good when hot, and doesn’t really make the best leftovers. The origin of the name is lost; all anyone has are suggestions, such as the age of the chicken to use (65 days) or that perhaps it was the 65th item on a famous restaurants long lost menu. The red color isn’t native to the dish. It comes from food coloring added. There are a number of ways to prepare it. Some fry once, others fry twice. All dip their chicken in a marinade and prep the chicken for a few hours to a day in advance.

How did this start? I  tweeted that I liked the dish. Malika Harrichan replied.  So I suggested a crawl, Malika thought  it a great idea, and so here we are, planning to run around the city of Atlanta chasing something as substantial as, well, a French Fry.

Using Google, Zyka seems an interesting place to start. I’ve had all my exposure to chicken 65 at Mughals in Norcross. I’d like a bit more variety than the restaurants along Scott in Decatur, and a single isolated shop in Norcross near Tucker. So I’m just opening the blog to discussions, to possible places to find the best, most piping hot straight-off-the-fryer chicken 65 in the city.