Sinbad’s Feast is a Persian buffet on Medlock Bridge Road, just a couple minutes north of the intersection of State Bridge Road (Pleasant Hill) and Medlock Bridge. It’s on the right as you head north, hard to miss if you’re careful. We went on a Friday night, a suggestion of Chow Down Atlanta. The idea of plenty of salad and grilled meats made this potentially appealing.

It is very pretty inside. The furniture is solid, and there is plenty of space to sit and stretch out. The buffet line was generally well stocked. Four kinds of beef were being served, as well as two kinds of chicken. There were salads galore, and a well stocked selection of grilled zucchini, eggplant, and onions. There was a spicy salsa on the buffet table as well, so you could control the heat of the meal. There were raw onions, good olives, and mint leaves as well, to add zest and flavor to individual plates.

I can’t say the night was perfect. After being seated, service lost us for a bit, and we had to ask to get someone to our table. That was about the only rough spot on a night that featured plenty of good food, and plenty of food that I could eat (not the easiest thing in a buffet). After the slow start, service was constant and good.

Then there was the belly dancer, tan haired and attractive. My daughter starting teasing her mom by telling her how much she liked the outfit. Soon after a plate of beef arrived at the table, garlic beef if memory serves. That was the best tasting of the meat dishes, highly recommended.

How was it? It’s not often my daughter and wife give me high fives for the choice of a restaurant, but it happened this night.

Verdict: Persian buffet, done extremely well. Highly recommended.

Sinbad’s Feast
10305 Medlock Bridge Road, Suite C-8
Johns Creek, GA 30097
(770) 622-6409

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By the time we were in the line for Paula Deen’s Lady and Sons, at 9:35am, the line stretched half way around the block and the front of the restaurant could not be seen. We had missed getting in for dinner the previous day, because of course we could clean up first and then walk over to it.  But by the time everyone was ready, there was no more seating to be had.

My daughter was really the driving force for this. She wanted to go, and badly. When we got our hotel room, we asked in the hotel office where it was located. We were told it was at the corner of Congress and Whittaker (an easy walk from the Riverfront).  For Lady and Sons, unless you have a party for 10, you have to line up and get your reservation in advance in person.

So we came back to the hotel room and plotted. We ate the continental breakfast the hotel offered and then realized that my wife takes her time dressing, and that the rest of us had better get seating. So, we made it into the long, long line, worked our way to the front, grabbed the second of the two time slots that were left (11 am or 1:45 pm) and then went back to the hotel to kill time and play tourist on the Riverfront.

When they give you your reservation, they tell you to line up 15 minutes before your appointment, but we showed up maybe 1:20 or so. They took our name, and told us to go into the waiting area through the gift shop. Now, if you’ve ever been to the Riverfront of Savannah, you’ll see Paula’s face, via a magazine or curio, in every single shop. And in Paula’s gift shop, it’s a Paula Deen flashback on steroids, because there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of items, all with Paula’s face (or sayings) on them. Thankfully our stay in the waiting area was short.

We were seated in a 3rd floor corner on the back side of the restaurant, where we had a window, a lengthwise view of a bar, a view of several nearby chairs and stools. The window view would have been better if they weren’t doing construction on the adjacent block. About 20′ in front of us was a large metal wheel. When we asked where it came from, the waiter said the restaurant was a converted hardware store.  Even though they were using the old elevator, they weren’t using the old pulley anymore.

Our waiter was excellent. We all chose the buffet because for all of us, it was about the southern vegetables.  And there was absolutely no disappointment in them. My daughter’s verdict on the macaroni and cheese was that it was “awesome”. The black eyed peas, in my opinion, could have stood alone as a dish by themselves. Yes, they were that good. The collard greens were also really really good. I went back for seconds, and my plate was basically half peas, half collards. My wife was taking her time with the green beans, and my daughter came back with the mashed potatoes. The chicken was also very good, but the vegetables were to die for.

The buffet is ended with desserts, either peach cobbler, banana pudding, or butter cakes. They were all good, though my wife wished she could have gotten a larger dessert portion. I understand her feelings, but the buffet was all you can eat and people were really eating. And $13.99, for the amount of food served and where it was served, is actually a pretty fair price.

Menus for this restaurant are online.

Verdict: This is one restaurant that is everything it is cracked up to be. Really good meats, vegetables to die for, excellent service. I don’t say many restaurants are exceptional, but this one is, without qualifications.

Lady and Sons
108 W Congress St
Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 233-2600

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If you line up in the morning, you can get reservations for lunch or for dinner. No need to wait until the evening to get dinner reservations.