Some of the best things I’ve put in my mouth over the past couple months are the Cornish Kababs at Baba’s Gyro and Kabab, the Norcross version.

Tender, flavorful, they make you realize the mild taste of chicken can be supercharged in the right hands. Don’t be surprised if the manager drops a small shaker bottle of sumac by your plate. He surely did mine.

“It’s not a spice, but a flavor enhancer.”

The day I showed I arrived just after a lunch peak, and the place was packed. It has wifi, and people were there with laptops, working remotely. Prices run into the low teens for the more interesting lunch entrees, but don’t let that stop you. There is a world of flavor here.

Baba’s Gyro and Kabab
5270 Peachtree Pkwy
Norcross, GA 30092
(678) 966-9994

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Note: Watching tweets here on a Kindle led me eventually to be interviewed :-#. Whether that interview ever sees the light of day, I’ll probably never know, but in the voice of Yoda, cool that was.

Sinbad’s Feast is a Persian buffet on Medlock Bridge Road, just a couple minutes north of the intersection of State Bridge Road (Pleasant Hill) and Medlock Bridge. It’s on the right as you head north, hard to miss if you’re careful. We went on a Friday night, a suggestion of Chow Down Atlanta. The idea of plenty of salad and grilled meats made this potentially appealing.

It is very pretty inside. The furniture is solid, and there is plenty of space to sit and stretch out. The buffet line was generally well stocked. Four kinds of beef were being served, as well as two kinds of chicken. There were salads galore, and a well stocked selection of grilled zucchini, eggplant, and onions. There was a spicy salsa on the buffet table as well, so you could control the heat of the meal. There were raw onions, good olives, and mint leaves as well, to add zest and flavor to individual plates.

I can’t say the night was perfect. After being seated, service lost us for a bit, and we had to ask to get someone to our table. That was about the only rough spot on a night that featured plenty of good food, and plenty of food that I could eat (not the easiest thing in a buffet). After the slow start, service was constant and good.

Then there was the belly dancer, tan haired and attractive. My daughter starting teasing her mom by telling her how much she liked the outfit. Soon after a plate of beef arrived at the table, garlic beef if memory serves. That was the best tasting of the meat dishes, highly recommended.

How was it? It’s not often my daughter and wife give me high fives for the choice of a restaurant, but it happened this night.

Verdict: Persian buffet, done extremely well. Highly recommended.

Sinbad’s Feast
10305 Medlock Bridge Road, Suite C-8
Johns Creek, GA 30097
(770) 622-6409

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Persepolis is a Persian restaurant on the east side of Roswell Road between Mt. Vernon Highway and Abernathy Road. Though the sign is large and easily seen from the road, the restaurant itself is set back a bit, and the entrance is found towards the back of the building it inhabits, behind an international market. There was plenty of parking the day I came.

Inside, the look is western and Hellenistic touches (i.e. Doric columns) are all over. There is art on the walls, including depictions of winged lions. I found the place and the seating to be a lot more comfortable than some Middle Eastern restaurants. A chair is more than enough for me.

I was too late that day for the buffet, which otherwise looked good, and was ordering from the dinner menu. I ordered a shish kebab, a mix of vegetables, rice, and beef, and seven spices torshi. Before the meal came a large chunk of flatbread arrived, and the torshi soon after. The torshi was a mix of vegetables marinated in vinegar, and so tasted like a delicious, spicy relish. The bread, what I had of it, was excellent. The bread came with sides, including a chunk of cheese, mint leaves, and some very welcome walnut halves. (There were 8 of them. I counted.)

Seven spices torshi

When the entrée arrived I knew I wasn’t going to finish it. The rice portion was enormous and the steak chunks were huge. I ate all the vegetables, and perhaps half the meat. I doggie bagged the rest. The meat itself was tender and well cooked.

Service, given the hour I showed, was pretty good.

Verdict: A very pleasant place to eat. A bit more western than some restaurants of this kind, and thus more accessible. Highly recommended.

6435 Roswell Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30328
(404) 257-9090

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Mirage is one of the prettier restaurants on the southeast corner of Abernathy and Roswell Road. And it’s calm in ways that work well during the middle of a hard work day. I came here with a coworker for lunch recently, because I had been here a couple times and this time wanted to hone in on their kebabs. Grilled meat and rice works really well with me. I wanted to have a good time and forget the hard work day.

We chose an appetizer, the kashk-o-bademjan, an eggplant and whey dish. My companion chose the lamb kebabs and I chose the chicken. Soon after our order we were handed a cup of vegetable soup, quite good, and not that long after the appetizer came along with some flat bread. The bread was excellent. We spent some time tearing off pieces of the bread and spooning on the appetizer.

The entrees came with a cooked tomato and a nice sized serving of rice, along with just the right amount of meat. We shared, and I have to admit if I were alone, I’d have gotten the lamb myself. The chicken had a yellow color to it, but you could taste the grilling. The chicken was good. But to my palate, the lamb was better.

Verdict: Recommended. I really liked it. I could have used a couple servings of the bread. This would be a great place to eat and linger, on a slower calmer day.

Mirage Persian Cuisine
6631 Roswell Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30328-3179
(404) 843-8300

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