My daughter said of Kurt’s, “This is a good date restaurant. Take a girl here, and she’d be impressed.” And that Kurt’s Bistro is. The outside is typical strip mall fare, but inside is lush and luxurious.

The price point is also at a healthy setting, entrées starting in the teens and into the twenties, steaks up into the mid thirties. An appetizer might run somewhere between six and twelve dollars. After looking at the menu, we ended up with the Schwabian Platter, a mix of brats and pork chops, along with potatoes and saurkraut. I tried the Saurbraten, tender pot roast layered over spaetzle (a kind of pasta), and a substantial serving of red cabbage. The platter we received was less one pork chop and had an extra brat. They had run out of chops the day we arrived.

Kurt’s bread was excellent.

Schwabian platter.


I didn’t try many of the starches, but I did have to get a bite of Kurt’s bread (excellent; we took home a roll for my wife). The various kinds of cabbage were really good. Saurkraut, properly prepared, can really be terrific, and doesn’t come off at all like the stuff in America in a can. The flavors are more delicate, and lack any metallic twang.

The brats were good and spicy and the sauce on the saurbraten really good, rich tomato flavors coming to the fore when you first bite into the meat and sauce and then the acidic zing of vinegars coming in a bit later. Unlike many places that call themselves German restaurants, the flavors here are full, rich, balanced, and nuanced.

There is a substantial German heritage on my father’s side, and it was a pleasure to flirt with the cuisine of my ancestors. By my generation, almost all the German foods in our family tree had been lost, replaced by American staples. German, therefore, is not a cuisine I’m very familar with. My brother, who spent some years in Europe, is much more aware of how Germans eat. I recall plenty of conversations with him about how much better German food is in Germany, about the amazing variety you see there, in things like saurkraut.

In conclusion, Kurt’s Bistro is the first restaurant I’ve found in Atlanta that deals in German food that I can recommend. And I do recommend it highly. Service, if I haven’t said, is excellent. You’re paying for a good meal here and you get that: great food with plenty of flavor, and excellent service. This place I can heartily recommend.

Kurt’s Bistro
3305 Peachtree Industrial, Suite 100
Duluth, GA 30096
(770) 623-4128

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