Cute. Fun. Has my family completely hooked. Those are just a couple of the phrases that describe Five Spot Frozen Yogurt on Scenic Highway. It’s located next to the Panera’s near the corner of Ronald Reagan and Highway 124.

The deal? Choose one (or two, or three) of dozens of yogurt flavors, pour on toppings, and then have your creation weighed and pay for what you buy. It reminds me a bit of Chow Baby or Genghis Grill, but for yogurt instead. I can’t say that I’ve seen many of the modern yogurt outlets, but if this is an example of frozen yogurt, 21st century style, I’m giving this style my wholehearted approval.

Five Spot Frozen Yogurt
1905 Scenic Hwy
Snellville, GA 30078
(770) 979-8008

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The Pie Hole is Alayne Graham’s homage to one of the oldest and most treasured desserts, the pie. The shop is small, neat, and pretty, but clearly the work of a single individual. The day we arrived she was replacing her freezer. She had managed to outgrow her old one.

The offerings are seasonal, based on what Alayne can get. What you as a customer can get are marked on a blackboard. To my untrained eyes, the costs seem entirely reasonable for a hand made product. To note, many of the pies are simply huge, especially Pie Hole’s apple. My wife was openly comparing this restaurant with Houston’s House of Pies, which we both love.

I wasn’t able to eat anything, so comments on taste are based on second hand experience. My wife had a slice of the cherry pie, liked it immensely, and called the cherries ‘humongous’. My daughter had a slice of the mango key lime pie, which she liked. The conversation went something like this:

“I just had the mango pie. It was good.”

“Pretty good, good, or really good?”

“It was good.”

In any event, the Pie Hole is away from the street in a small building, up in the part of Canton Street that are remodeled homes. It’s perhaps 1-2 blocks north of Ceviche, on the right hand side as you’re heading north. A small waist high sign is the only thing you see as you’re traveling along the road.

Verdict: As good as its reputation, the Pie Hole is a must-stop-by in my book. Very Highly Recommended.

The Pie Hole
1025 Canton Street
Roswell, GA 30075
(678) 461-3776

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Seen on Holcombe Bridge near the merge with Jimmy Carter, in the same spot where a Black Eyed Pea stood some 15 years ago, is a new Taiwanese eatery. It’s not quite open yet, but the bright yellow color scheme makes it stand out.

I know of one other Taiwanese eatery, and that’s the Bento Cafe, in the same strip mall as Kokai Thai, just east of Jimmy Carter and I-85 in Norcross. It will be interesting to compare the two when this thing opens. Bento was a place I’d eat at regularly three-four years ago, when I was working in Norcross. I now have a review of Bento Cafe.

I’ve also wanted for many days to capture the look of the Bakery Cafe Maum “Castle” on Buford Highway. Here are some photos of that eatery.

Fenton’s Creamery and Restaurant is well over 100 years old, and it maintains its heritage by making its own ice cream on site, keeping quality high and serving size large.  We were taken here by friends in Oakland, though it took a couple trips around the blocks to actually find parking. Once there, the ice cream was rich and memorable, the cream content high, the flavors delectable. Fenton’s is able to handle large groups well, and as we had about twenty kids aged 12 to 72 at our table, we felt well served.

Verdict: Excellent ice cream, good for families and friends. Very Highly recommended.

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The first time I noticed Bruster’s Ice Cream was when they replaced Holt Brother’s Barbecue on Jimmy Carter. Since that time they’ve expanded and put locations in many parts of the Atlanta metropolitan area.  The one in Snellville is just to the south of the Highway 78-Scenic Highway intersection, on the portion of Scenic Highway headed towards Stonecrest/Lithonia.

I think the first time I tried Bruster’s Ice Cream was in Snellville, in a moment when I was thinking nothing could be as good as the super premiums I used to get in Houston TX (As John Scar notes in this thread, Neal’s Ice Cream we miss you). Well, to say that Bruster’s surprised me was an understatement.


Brusters offers an excellent premium ice cream, with a lot of flavor and a lot of fat. I’m not going to name many specific flavors, though this night I believe I had a raspberry white chocolate. They serve cups, cones, and a good frozen yogurt. And they attract crowds – perhaps two dozen on the summer night we visited, some in front and others in the back, as the Snellville location has a gazebo in the back.


To my taste buds this is some of the best chain ice cream in Atlanta, no questions asked. My only mistake was in not trying Brusters sooner.

Verdict: Excellent premium ice cream. High in fat and flavor. Highly recommended.

Bruster’s Ice Cream
2324 Scenic Highway
Snellville, GA 30078
(770) 985-6660

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The Blue Rooster Cafe and Bakery is a small restaurant on Main Street in Lilburn, a pretty building with a blue and cream color theme. The cafe itself is connected to a red colored annex called “The Hen House”, a larger structure that’s easier to see. It’s in a tiny connected ‘strip mall’ in the old section of Lilburn, not that far from the police station and city hall.





I came here with my daughter around 11:30am on a weekday, to see what the place was like. Inside, it has an old country look, with cream walls and a lot of blue trim. Paintings of roosters and ceramic roosters are everywhere. The roof is industrial, painted in blue, and in the main portion of the restaurant, there are about 4 booths and 8 tables. There are additional tables in the annex, some of them long, and suitable for families or parties. There is also outside seating, about 5 sets of black iron tables and chairs, under umbrellas.

Inside, there are bakery cabinets in an ‘L’ shape in the back of the room, and blackboards on the walls have the offerings of the day written in colored chalk.  The menu tends to breakfast items, soups and salads, sandwiches, both cold and grilled on panini bread. This day, they had a special, fried chicken with two sides for $6.95. My daughter ordered the special and I ordered a Cuban panini sandwich ($8.50).

My daughter’s meal came out almost immediately. Cutlery is plastic and sealed, and the plates are also disposables.  My sandwich took a bit longer, but pretty soon they called my name and I received a healthy sized panini, grill marks evident on the bread.

My daughter’s chicken came with macaroni and cheese and also green beans. I got a taste of all of her dishes. The chicken was tender, salt and pepper evident in the batter but not overwhelming. I found the chicken to be reasonably spiced. My daughter liked it better with some hot sauce on it. The macaroni and cheese was good, the green beans were decent. The panini was a healthy chunk of ham and pork, pickles and cheese, and it tasted really good. I’m happy I got my sandwich, to be honest.

By the time we started eating, the restaurant started filling up. They had clientele of all ages, from teens in party dresses to grey haired elders. The atmosphere was a lot like an old fashioned southern tea house, and there were a lot of people just taking their time while they ate.

One of the more exotic visitors

One of the more exotic visitors to Blue Rooster

Verdict: A slice of the old south in old downtown Lilburn. If you like to relax a little while you eat, highly recommended.

The Blue Rooster Cafe and Bakery
107 Main Street
Lilburn GA, 30047
(770) 931-2445

8am to 4pm Mon-Thurs and Saturday
8am to 8pm Friday

Blue Rooster Cafe on Urbanspoon

The easiest way to get to the Blue Rooster Cafe, if you’re coming from Snellville and heading west down Killian Hills Road, is to look for Poplar Street on the left and exit there. Poplar will run into Main Street. Blue Rooster is about a block away on the right if you turn left onto Main.

Marble Slab Creamery is an ice cream chain that resembles Cold Stone Creamery in their interest in providing not ice cream, but mixtures of ice cream with other products, called “mixins”. This makes their introductory products a bit more expensive than say, Carvels, as their one scoop “Original” runs about $3.50 (with one “mixin”). Like Cold Stone Creamery, there were only about 15 ice cream flavors available that day. Also like Cold Stone Creamery, they have a very cold stone slab on which they mix ice cream with whatever bit of goodness you choose. Notable however are the list of “tested” mixes already available. These “Tasty Creations” were combinations of ice cream and one or two additional mixins from the “Original”.

It was mid day when I went with my daughter. She ordered a Peanut Butter Crunch ‘Tasty Creation’ on a waffle cone and I ordered the ‘Tasty Creation’ White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl, also on a cone. There was a line that day and it took a while to get there, but our server was both efficient and gracious and the final product quite good. She was low on White Chocolate that day, so used some Sweet Cream Ice Cream to make up the difference. Personally, I really didn’t notice. Caramel, chocolate, and raspberry flavors dominated in my cone, and my daughter’s cone had the nutty flavor she craved.

The cones were melting quickly once we got outside; and serving size is large. So we ate what we wanted, discarded the rest. It’s good ice cream, and a nicely done mixin concept. They also offer smoothies and ice cream cakes, and you can cater their services as well.

Verdict: Very nice ice cream based products. If you’re willing to pay the small premium for their Tasty Creations, it’s well worth it.

Marble Slab Creamery
1690 Scenic Highway North
Snellville, GA 30078
(770) 982-1049

Marble Slab Creamery on Urbanspoon

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