Smoked pulled pork that took a back seat to no one was the apex of my meal at Bone Lick. On a street not that far from Star Provisions, this small eatery is one of the better barbecues around these parts.

Drinks are in the right kind of glasses for a BBQ joint.

Fried pickles, with interesting sauces.

Pulled pork, ribs, and brisket.

Chicken, ribs, and brisket

How does the pulled pork rate? Using letter grades, A to A+. Ribs were nearly as good. The chicken worked well with us. Brisket ran a little dry, the least of their meats. Ambiance was excellent. Sides were mostly good, and the place has some culinary ambition, is clearly willing to take some chances with their menu.

Service was not the best I’ve had, despite the best intentions of staff. The place is small. When we went, it was packed. The staff they did have were overwhelmed. Some long waits were part of our day here. If they start making some money, hiring more waiters is something Bone Lick should consider.

Bone Lick BBQ
1133 Huff Road
Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 343-6574

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