A saison is a beer style I never heard of until recently, when I updated my beer books and glanced through the new material. Perhaps the best description of the style I’ve found is on the the home brewing site Beer Smith, which says of the saison:

Saison is a light, refreshing ale originally brewed in farmhouses in the French speaking regions of Belgium for field workers. Now the beer is brewed in many locations around the world. Its a complex style with a mix of fruity aroma and flavor, some spiciness and even a hint of tartness.

In general, you can’t find saisons easily in your local Krogers or Publix. I did find a 4 pack of Ommegang’s saison in Alon’s recently. The beer is called Hennepin. Rate Beer ranks the Hennepin as a 97 overall, and a 95 on style.

For those used to a world of imperial stouts and extra hopped IPAs, this beer will come as a welcome surprise. Quite drinkable, the only downside to these beers is the American versions tend to pretty high alcohol contents. The Hennepin runs about 7.7% ABV. Other than that, I can recommend that you try one of these. I was reasonably impressed on my first try.