The table of grilled meats has disappeared at Atlantic in Snellville, to be replaced by a hibachi station. So what’s a hibachi station? It’s what folks in my generation used to call a Mongolian barbecue. You select a plate full of raw food, hand it to a cook, who then grills your foods. Usually you tip; a dollar is common. On return, you end up with a plate of freshly grilled meats and veggies.

Results from a hibachi run at Atlantic Buffet

Compared to the old arrangement, an eater is much less likely to walk off with a whole plate of short ribs. And the product people would get is a lot healthier. I suspect it’s a cost saving measure. Buffets are everywhere, and managing the balance between product quality and profit is very hard.

Atlantic Buffet Sushi and Grill
2059 Scenic Highway #117
Snellville GA 30078
(770) 985-1388

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