Don Chava is in a strip mall a bit north of the corner of Beaver Ruin and Buford Highway. It has some interesting food options, such as 99 cent regular tacos, $1.99 lamb tacos, and the most amazing bowls of birria I’ve ever seen (see for example, this article, for a glimpse of the stew). More aptly, though, Don Chava had the first bowls of birria I’ve ever seen. For a while I was wondering how yuk gae jang with oxtail made it into a Mexican joint. But those bony chunks of good looking meat were probably something else – goat, for example.

A trio of fish tacos

I enjoyed my fish tacos, good mild fish with a bright zesty pico on top. Don Chavas has three salsa available, all at a bar. Their spicy isn’t very spicy at all, and I  used heaps of their salsa verde on my tacos and chips.

In one sense Don Chava is the anti-Zapatas. The service is come and go, since there is only one staffer who takes orders, serves food, and cleans tables. The menu – the good one – is the dinner menu (only one copy of this, up at the counter, and it is the one you want to order from), and it tends to have items that cost more. This place isn’t perfect. I don’t like the oily chips much and it’s hard, in a one meal review, to judge the consistency. But judging from the Anglos coming in to sample the tacos and talking it up, this place already has a good rep with a certain set of eaters.

Don Chava Birrieria y Taqueria
5316 Buford Highway #104
Norcross GA 30071
(678) 534-3500

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