Still Waters is just to the left of the Main Street cinema, a “chic barbecue joint”, one that moved from Grayson into Snellville in order to get more space for customers. Consequently, it already had a customer base. It was also ‘found out’ the day it arrived in town by Mike Stock, of 285 Foodies, and so already has the approval of a significant component of Atlanta’s food community.

I came around lunch one day, curious. It already had its share of followers on Urban Spoon, and any place that Mike approves of deserves a closer look. Entering, you could smell the smoke of the place, and so I ended up ordering their three rib sandwich. It was decent, ribs having a smoke ring and a hint of smoke flavor, but wasn’t a heavily smoked product.

Later, Anthony came out, the chef/owner, and we spoke quite a bit. In that, this is not the ordinary review. He showed me samples of his more heavily smoked meats, his pulled pork and his brisket.

The pulled pork clearly has a bark and the brisket is the best, most richly smoked, of Anthony’s meats. If there is a smokehead in you, you could do far worse than Anthony’s brisket.

Still Waters fills a void in the Snellville restaurant scene. I don’t know of any other places nearby with traditional barbecue, seriously smoked, and comfortable seating. The closest might be Lilburn’s Spiced Right, and it’s not as nice inside as Still Waters.

Still Waters
2133 East Main Street (Highway 78)
Snellville, GA 30078

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