It’s in a strip mall, a little north of the intersection of Peachtree Industrial and Holcomb Bridge Road, on the left as you’re traveling north. It isn’t open at the hours I normally commute home, but it is open around noon or so. I’ve seen this place for about a year, and wanted to go there. I haven’t really had an opportunity until now, and was really glad I did.

Walk inside and step towards the back, and you can see ladies dressed in blue ‘lab coats’ and hair nets working with the chocolates on conveyor belts. There are stacks of bags of chocolate, each the size of a peat moss bag at the local home improvement store. Inside the store portion, there is a glass case full of exotic truffles. I took home 5. My daughter had 2, my wife the rest, and I had bites of a couple of the chocolates. Rich. Delicious. Worth the effort of arriving when they are open.

Think you haven’t eaten them? If you’ve purchased chocolates at a high end department store in this town (or perhaps a chocolate bar at a sporting goods store), you probably have.

Maggie Lyon Chocolatiers
6000 Peachtree Industrial # B
Norcross, GA 30071-1374
(770) 446-1299