How does Which Wich work? The deal is, you go inside, pick up a bag that is named after the sandwich you want. You get a red marker, and on the bag, you check off the extras you want on your sandwich. You order and wait. The bag goes down an assembly line and you get the sandwich you requested.

Download a book while munching on a 'wich.

The sandwich has a roll like appearance, comparable perhaps to Quiznos or Subway.

Which Wich is a sandwich chain headquartered in Dallas, Texas. There is one in the Avenue at Webb Ginn, which I’ve suggested my folks try, but my family has not seemed interested so far. There is also a location on Peachtree Parkway, in the same mall that houses Trader Joe’s, and since I’m now working in the Norcross area, this latter location is now convenient to me.

This location has wireless, which also helps, as the lack of privacy in my new work space is moving me towards portable ebook readers — I can’t lock up my books at my work site. So having wireless means I can do the other things a Wifi enabled Kindle can do, like read foodie tweets, or buy cookbooks while munching on a sandwich.

The sandwich itself has a roll like appearance. I ordered their “Wicked”, a five meat, three cheese special. I enjoyed the sandwich. The look of Which Wich is modern: full of bright colors and chrome style seating. There aren’t many usable sides for a diabetic outside the sandwich; the rest of the things you can add are things like chips and french fries. That said, the bright breezy atmosphere, the inexpensive eats (less than $10.00 for their best sandwich), the free wifi makes it a place I’ll likely try again.

Which Wich
4880 Peachtree Corners Circle, Suite 1120-C
Norcross, GA 30092
(770) 246-0200

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Snellville has a location at the Avenue on Webb Ginn.

Which Wich
1350 Scenic Highway N, Suite 604
Snellville, GA 30078
(770) 978-0131

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