Normally this restaurant would be a little too far down Buford Highway for my comfort, but BuHi had his fifth blogger meetup here, and that was too much temptation to pass up.

A visitor from Chattanooga, TN

The crowd, well over a dozen, had regulars and some new comers. Regulars included BuHi and Beth Robinette, @TowerATL and “IT guy”, a fellow who talks phones and tech and has been to just about every one of these meetups (one day I’ll remember his name). Newcomers included a pair from Chattanooga, the blogger Who Eats That Stuff, and @SeanEatsAtlanta. It was a good crowd and an exceptionally friendly crowd. Given the issues in my life, the timing was this event couldn’t have been better.

The food? It’s been covered before, especially in a three way meetup between Chloe, Sean of Take Thou Food and Foodie Buddha. Given my health issues, I had targeted the Vietnamese beef stew with baguette as a dish I could eat without many problems. Meat was plentiful, the broth was rich, and overall was a good choice for someone who has to limit carbs in a meal.

Vietnames beef stew. Rich flavors, baguette optional.

Other eaters enjoyed the spring rolls, and the one taste I was given of pho broth showed a lot of flavor, and was pleasingly aromatic. The bun dishes here are respected, and they have rice dishes, and those with noodles and more in a bowl. It’s easy to see why this eatery remains on the “pho short list” of a large number of bloggers.

Pho Dai Loi #2
4186 Buford Highway
Atlanta, GA 30345
(404) 633-2111

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