My football meetup is now settling in to spend more and more time at Hottie Hawgs. Since my wife now knows they smoke, she’s asked me to bring back their smoked meats when I go. Pictured below are Hottie Hawg’s brisket and their ribs.

Both meats are genuinely smoked, both meats the real deal. The brisket was good, in my opinion, the ribs excellent. I know Hottie’s chef considers their brisket their pride and joy, but I learned to appreciate smoked meats in Georgia proper, from the hands of the original owner of Spiced Right in Lilburn. I tend to use ribs as my “gold standard” for smoked meats.

Hottie’s has decent tacos, around 3 dollars a pop. I had a brisket taco and a shrimp and andouille taco, both pretty darned good.

Hottie Hawgs Smokin’ BBQ
2057 Main Street NW,
Atlanta GA 30318

Reservations and to go orders: (404) 794-5224

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