Taco Depot is in the mass of restaurants near Gwinnett Technical College, a bit east of the intersection of 316 and Sugarloaf Parkway, and known best, perhaps, by the truck they use for advertising.

Inside, you order at a counter and they will deliver tacos to your table. Taco Depot offers three kinds of tacos: regular, queso, and American (hard shelled). There are tortas, quesadillas, generally a diverse menu. Tacos, nonetheless, dominate the first couple pages and tacos are what I had. They’re inexpensive, around 2 dollars each.

L to R: pastor, brisket, lengua, and choriqueso taco.

They give you three decent sauces to use with your tacos, and most of the tacos were quite good. I say most because the lengua taco had a “boiled in water” flavor and tended to tastelessness. The pastor taco was good, as was the brisket taco. The chorizo-queso taco was also flavorful.

Taco Depot
4788 Sugarloaf Parkway # 107
Lawrenceville, GA 30044
(770) 513-9951

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