Outside, from a distance, Sun and Moon Cafe looks a lot like a coffee shop, and inside, with the rich use of thatched wood, comes off a bit like a tiki bar or the inside of a piece of rattan furniture. The clientele are mixed: a lot of very young men and women, and some older folks. The best comparison, ironically, is Iron Age, and while I’d be happy taking my San Francisco in-laws to Iron Age, I’d not take my father there. My father would be comfortable in Sun and Moon Cafe.

This is, for those of us not fluent in Korean, largely a Korean BBQ joint, all you can eat. They serve pork belly and beef brisket, pork thick sliced. They have a nice assortment of banchan, come out with plenty of a lettuce salad early on, and about half way through the meal, will drop a pot of boiling soup into your lap. You can get rice (Korean brown rice, a mix of rice and a bean) if you ask for it.

Service is very good in the beginning, lax towards the end. They expect you to use the “waiter” button, provided on each table if you need service later. They will cut  up and stir your meats, and the meal comes with plenty of garlic and kimchi on the iron plate.

If  you drink alcohol, the all you can eat is $9.99, $14.99 otherwise. Consequently, it gets louder the deeper into the night it gets. By the time we left, it was getting loud for us, but perhaps we weren’t as hungry then.

Sun and Moon Cafe
3555 Gwinnett Place Dr
Duluth, GA 30096

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Both Sean and Gene have excellent reviews of Sun and Moon Cafe, highly recommended.