July 3 – Big Shanty Smokehouse

Original review of Big Shanty is here.

This was a makeup for my family being largely out of town on Father’s Day. A special was available: Turkey Ribs. My wife ordered it, and ended up regretting it. She told me, “I thought I was ordering turkey and ribs.” They weren’t bad tasting, just nothing special.

We had a bit of a disagreement over which pork product was better, the pulled pork or the chopped pork. My daughter loves her pork pulled. I was more impressed with the dense, smoky flavors of the chopped pork.

Turkey ribs at Big Shanty. Not bad, but my wife thought they were something else.

Steve's Sampler. Far better brisket this time around.

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July 4 – Fox Brother’s Barbecue

Original review of Fox Brothers is here.

Largely enjoyable. The superior quality of Fox Brother’s sides tends to make any changes in  the ‘cue seem trouble free modifications. One was notable this day however, a much more tender rib product and a lot less smoke flavor. I direct tweeted BuHi about it, who suggested the ribs may have been partly foiled and pointed me to the 3-2-1 method of BBQ creation.

Fried pickles. Fried jalapenos. Just excellent.

Chicken and ribs. Ribs hidden behind some sauces.

Wings, brisket, and pulled pork.

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July  9 – Heirloom Market Barbecue

Original review of Heirloom is here.

Finally got my family here. I knew this place would be a hit, with the Korean touches and my daughter’s love of pulled pork. The lady behind the counter snuck my wife some ribs at the last moment. I never fail to be impressed at  the quality of service in what is an eatery heavily oriented to take out. It can be exceptional.

The brisket wasn’t as fatty as last time and as a consequence, was merely good as opposed to mind blowing. Really good ribs, really good pulled pork. My wife was a little disappointed in the Asian yam chips. The french fries were a big hit with my wife and daughter.

Ribs! also brisket, iirc.

Brisket and pulled pork.

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