The Dublin is located a little north of the intersection of Killian Hills and Highway 78,  a bit south of Golden Corral and in  the same building that used to house a Mellow Mushroom and later, Benny’s Bar and Grill. The theme is English/Irish pub, and the menu is moderately ambitious as pubs in the Snellville area go. I went recently, to try it out, and staff there were saying that the pub owners have plans to add another in the Lawrenceville area. If so, it becomes another small English/Irish chain in Atlanta, a bit similar to the Dunwoody Restaurant Group.

I had a beer, their mozzarella sticks, and a corned beef sandwich when I went. I thought the kitchen ran a little slow, but this place was only open 2 months when I dropped by. Best part of it was the staff, which were pleasant and very attentive. Food was pretty good once it arrived. My gut feeling is they’ll get better once they get all their newness worked out of the system, but for now, the Dublin is certainly an alternative to bars for whom buffalo wings represent a culinary challenge.

The Dublin Pub and Grill
3902 Highway 78
Snellville GA 30039
(678) 805-8403

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