Fisherman’s Catch: It’s easy to miss this little house, across the street from the local Krispy Kreme and rows of huge chain stores, and it’s not much to see from a distance. Get up close and some of the best murals (older photos here) in the area come into view. I’ve always found the murals fascinating.

Food here is good, and you won’t need me to tell you this. However, this whole meal was peculiar from the start, and I don’t think representative of my experiences here in the past.

To note, the inside has a consistent nautical theme. Oars, miniature boats, netting, wooden paneling, all the trappings of a seafood place are here. It’s quiet, tends to have a crowd of older regulars, and is inexpensive. The most expensive filet on the menu is the wild Alaskan salmon, and that’s what I ordered. At least, that’s what I think I ordered. I also thought I  ordered the clam strip appetizer, but what came out was the crab leg appetizer instead.

A good set of legs, and I didn’t argue the  point. The one that lingers, though, is the salmon. Perhaps the fish was indeed salmon, but  it lacked the pink color normally found in salmon – I eat sockeye salmon a few times a week precisely because it can’t be farmed, and I know the look. It also lacked the distinctive flavor of salmon, and interestingly, I wasn’t charged the salmon price, either. I suspect a silent switch.

That said, the fish was grilled as I asked, it flaked the way salmon does, it was a mild and delicious fish.

All told, going in, I  thought this was going to be a home run of a review, but it’s more like a single after a bad whiff or two and a couple foul balls. The food they serve here is good, but the one time I show up with a camera to talk about a well respected place (see this review on Snellville Eats, for example), the service was kind of off.

Despite the whiffs, recommended.

Fisherman’s Catch
4132 Stone Mountain Georgia
Lilburn GA, 30047

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