Sultan’s is a Lebanese and Turkish eatery in a strip mall a little south of Whole Foods on Roswell Road, in the same strip mall as Bishoku and Chef Robb’s Caribbean. It, like so many other Mediterranean eateries along this road, offers a lunch buffet, both a blessing and curse for the blogger. It’s a blessing in that it’s cheap. It’s a curse in that there is no easy mapping between what you eat and the names of what you eat.  It’s just that good tasting stuff in a pretty tray over there.

And in that vein we’re not going to name much of what we eat today except in generic terms. Words like “salad”, “roast beef dish”, grilled chicken will predominate. What I can assure you is that Sultan’s will feed you. And for a diabetic, you’ll be fed about as well as any place in the city can, for the price you pay.

Mediterranean cuisines have an emphasis on salads, plenty of grilled vegetables, and meats. Yes, there are excellent breads and rices, but you can ignore those in a buffet. The five or six excellent small desserts at Sultan’s? Well, I can’t safely review them so I’m not going to. Someone else can give you that rundown.

This last time I went there were two really good salads along with plenty of good additions – thick slices of cucumber, large chunks of ripe tomatoes, plenty of chunks of feta cheese and good olives. There were at least three kinds of meat: a roast beef dish, a ground beef dish, and some delicious grilled chicken. There was a soup, a lentil-rice soup  that I took a few spoonfuls of. There were small breads, about the size of the palm of my hand. There was plenty of rice as well.

Now, if what you’re after is exotic meats, then you’ll need to hit Sultan’s during dinner or perhaps some other eatery. What they do serve is inexpensive for this kind of eating and very tasty. But it’s a lunch offering, and priced that way. If that’s okay by you, then Sultan’s has enough good food to please even the biggest eaters.

Sultan’s Lebanese and Turkish Cuisine
5920 Roswell Road
Sandy Springs, GA 30328
(404) 257-2220

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