Inc Street Food is an exceptionally pretty restaurant, and one based on a theme. What looks like a side of a food truck is actually the portal to the kitchen, and otherwise, the restaurant features a carefully crafted look, suggesting plenty of age. The look, and the very pleasant staff helps gets customers in the mood.

Something about it reminds me of Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia. I can’t tell you entirely why.  Perhaps it’s that the half car look of the kitchen reminds me of the bustle of the converted rail station. But the look for me is transporting.

steak, fish, and pork tacos.

I wish I could say the food were as wonderful as the atmosphere, but it’s merely good. There was a bit too much sauce for my  taste, and my  tacos all had oily inner tortillas. I pulled those out and threw them away; not as if I need extra carbs anyway. But really, this is a place to see and be seen. The food just has to be good enough and it is. If I were after the best and freshest tacos, I’d be prowling taquerias rather than this place. I suspect its best use is as an after hours respite. In that spirit, you could show up around 7 pm, kick back a few drinks, and eat enough food so that you could drive home.

To note, it’s a small place and seating is pretty close. You’ll end up hearing the conversations of the people around you. It’s just part of the flavor.

Inc Street Food
948 Canton Street
Roswell, GA 30075
(770) 998-3114

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