It’s a restaurant in Norcross Village, a strip mall a little south and east of the intersection of Jimmy Carter and Buford Highway. This mall has always been a hot bed of Latin American stores and shops. And why I stopped this time, as opposed to any other time, is a mystery. Perhaps  the combination of chicken and salsa intrigued me. That’s a combination I can eat without dietary concerns.

Chicken & Salsa isn’t the only restaurant in the area. There is Costa Verde, a Peruvian/Columbian restaurant, and Los Ranchos as well, which serves Salvadorian foods. This isn’t Taco Bell dining, nor is it the neighborhood taqueria either. There is a lot to explore here.

There was a special on Chicken & Salsa’s blackboard, the filete de pescado (fish fillet). I’ve had good luck with fish dishes, and so  that’s what I ordered when I entered. To note, the focus of the restaurant is rotisserie chicken, and serving chickens with tons of sides the specialty of  the restaurant. I can’t eat that way, so please keep that in mind.

The special came with a soup, a green broth in which there were green beans, plenty of rice, and chunks of soup. I found the broth to  be very tasty,  so I ate what chicken I could pick out and  tried to dodge the rice.

The main entree I liked. Yes, a thin little filet, but with the fine spicy green sauce they provided, I was entirely happy with what I ate. I’m probably not probing what this restaurant does best, but given the quality of the soup starter, I’d not be hesitant to come back.

Chicken & Salsa
6200 Buford Highway, Suite 1k
Norcross, GA 30071
(770) 807-7952

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