Woo! It’s begun again, the absolutely most reliable source of grass fed meats and organics in Snellville. And of course, it’s hosted by some of our finest. Can I say how much I appreciate  the  police presence at this corner? Perhaps not in words, but in pictures I can.

This man rocks.

They have a sign now, and a Facebook page, which I’d suggest ya’ll friend, if this is a place you shop.

My wife wanted fruits. I didn’t see any, and I forgot to  get cash, so all I could do was stroll and gather photos. I was hoping  Darla of Snellville Eats would show so I could say “hello”, but no such obvious luck. She was tweeting this opening as if there were no tomorrow, though.

I'm told their popsicles are awesome.

The King of Pops were there. I’ve not seen them before.

And other vendors, too many to mention by name.

Water was being served by the people who set up this market.

Entertainment was starting about the time I was leaving.