This weekend has been taken up with car repairs, air conditioning woes, and the beginnings of doing my taxes. But last weekend we managed to make it to the zoo.

There are a number of interesting eateries in East Atlanta and the Grant Park area. Holy Taco seemed about right for our crew. We had tacos there, some stuffed peppers, and a really good ear of corn.

My wife liked the corn a lot.

Holy Taco has a good habanero sauce and good pico de gallo

I’m partial to Holy Taco’s habanero sauce and their pico de gallo (I wish they had more salsas in general), their lengua tacos and the light breezy atmosphere. They have some interesting ironwork on the premises and it was perfect for a nice spring day.

Lengua, pork, and goat tacos

Holy Taco
1314 Glenwood Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30316
(404) 230-6177

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