By far the best known dim sum restaurant in the Atlanta area, we’ve been going for a long while, but we hadn’t gone since my blog started and we hadn’t gone post my diagnosis with diabetes. Is it possible for a diabetic to eat at Canton House and eat safely? It’s not like a diet of dumplings is going to do me any good.

For those who haven’t had dim sum before, small plates of food, largely dumplings, are brought to each table via carts. You select which items you want and they’re placed on the table, and a count of what you eat is made on a ticket. At the end of the meal, the items you’ve eaten are totaled and you pay for what you ate. To note, dim sum are the food items and the service style is called yum cha.

When I first encountered dim sum, it was generally served only around lunch. In San Francisco, dim-sum, rather than just being a breakfast or lunch thing ( e.g. Ton Kiang) is served well into the night. The street sign above suggests that it’s beginning to become the same in Atlanta as well.

In terms of items to eat, Canton House had plates other than dumplings on the menu as well, such as eggplant

and Chinese broccoli.

There was a fish filet and also clams with black bean sauce. All three of these made my task easier.

Of course they have dumplings as well, and plenty of them with pork and shrimp. Just my take on this kind of eating, but you don’t want to overload on the variety of ways they can serve shrimp. Get enough for the taste and eat other things as well.

This dumpling was stuffed with barbecue. Neat, that.

And to end, my wife just had to have sesame balls. She loves these things.

Service was really good this day. Overall, Canton House is a great little eatery.  Highly recommended.

Canton House
4825 Buford Highway
Chamblee, GA 30341
(770) 936-9030

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