Carino’s advertises itself to be “country Italian”. Exactly what that means is a mystery I never resolved while I was there. I walked in rather late, and ended up eating near the bar, with Carino’s bartender being my waitress. She was very good. Bartenders tend to be that, excellent in delivering service.

This Carino’s is next to Discovery Mills, on the northeast corner, and pretty much impossible to miss. When I entered, the restaurant was perhaps  half full and the plates of  food, what I could see of  them, were very large. I’m suspecting that’s what they mean by country Italian: we feed you like you’re a farmer in Italy.

As an appetizer I had a calamari dish. For an entree, I had a salmon dish that day, substituting vegetables for the angel hair pasta that normally would accompany this dish. It was good fish, cooked properly, and tasty. The vegetables were good, the chunks of artichoke very welcome. The dish, because the vegetables were moist, left a lot of liquid in the bottom of the rounded bowl in which the dish was placed. Hey, not as if the plate was designed for veggies, anyway.

I enjoyed myself largely. This was mostly a first impression, so take that in consideration. I’m not telling you how this place performs during rush hour.

Carino’s Italian
1802 North Brown Road
Lawrenceville, GA 30043
(678) 847-6300

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